March 30, 2008

Insider: Receiver Report

The Trojans will start a new signal caller under center this fall, but the real pressure to make the offense go will be on the receiver corps. After struggling to find their rhythm last season, this deep and talented group is a year older and ready contribute.

"My goals are just to come out here and watch these guys compete every day, they're competing for spots," receiver coach John Morton said about his players. "I think this is the most competition on the field as far as wide receivers; I told them, there's no depth chart set and it's all up for grabs.

"I'm analyzing every single little thing whether it's meetings, on the field, everything. They're being graded on everything. I'm playing the guys that want it the most, the guys that are willing to learn in the classroom and transfer it over onto the field. That's the biggest thing I'm getting out of this."

The receivers have not played since the Rose Bowl, but they have worked out all winter long, catching passes from the quarterbacks in players-only workouts.

While these sessions help keep the players sharp, with no coaches present there isn't much of an outlet for criticism and correction of mistakes.

"That's the bad thing with the winter workouts - we can't be there, so we can't really critique or say, 'You're doing this wrong,'" Morton said. "They get away from us, they go practice on their own, and it's good that they're running plays, but it's not good that they're not getting critiqued if they're doing the right thing.".com

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