April 8, 2008

Forgotten man

Andrew Brewer is fielding punts in drills during Saturday's spring practice session. The ball shoots out of the punting machine and he watches it rise in the bright, sunny Evanston skies and reach its apex, before the nose of the ball turns downward and it begins its descent to the ground, where he stands ready to cradle the ball and take off running.

It can be said that Brewer's career at Northwestern has in many ways mirrored the arc of those punts at spring practice, as the 6-foot-3, 210-pound junior has experienced quite a few ups-and-downs in the three years he's been associated with Northwestern football.

Last year at this time, Brewer was one of the most talked-about players at spring practice, as everyone wanted to see what the quarterback-turned-wide receiver could do to add a jolt of speed to the Wildcats' offense. But after sitting out the 2007 season with a broken arm, Brewer seems to be a forgotten man this spring, as more attention is being paid to the assimilation of two new coordinators on the coaching staff and rebuilding the offensive line.

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