April 14, 2008

Commodores pursuing Chattanooga safety

As of right now it is mostly Vanderbilt, Tennessee, Air Force, Navy, and Northwestern. Those are the ones that generally talk to me via phone. I receive mail from all kinds of schools, but I don't really consider that recruiting since most the mail they send is not specifically pointed towards you. As of right now Vanderbilt and the Naval Academy have offered me.

2. Of the offers, what do you think about those programs?

Vanderbilt is a solid program that is really on the uprise right now and I feel confident that they will be a great team in the up coming years. Navy seems to always be the strongest of the Military academes but it is harder for them being a school where you have to be more than a football player. Also both schools are considered very highly in academics and that really draws me towards them.

3. You did confirm you were at Vanderbilt's junior day...how did that go? Could you describe the event for you and were you able to talk to any of the coaches or players while there? Also, was this your first time to visit Vanderbilt?

I really enjoyed my time at Vanderbilt. It was my first time to actually see the campus, but last year we played one of our games in their stadium. I got to meet my recruiter, my positions coach, and Coach Johnson, the head coach. I did not get a chance to really meet any of the players but it was really a good experience for me. They showed us the entire campus and then we watched some film from last years games so we could see how they ran there program before going to watch the scrimmage.

4. Have you taken visits anywhere else, or do you plan to take any other visits?

As far as football goes, I have been to Tennessee, Auburn, Florida, and Vanderbilt. I would like to go to both Air Force and Navy although I have been to both of them before, it was not for football.

5. Do you plan to go to any camps this summer?

As of right now the only camp I have registered for is Tennessee's senior camp.

6. What are you looking out of a program? As in, what do you think would be the deciding factors in where you would go?

For me there is more to it than football. I am really looking into the Academics side of schools and the life that surrounds the school. The way I see it is coaches may come and go and football comes to an end at some point so I have to look at it as where will I be the best off after football. For me that means seeing where I can get a great education while also being competitive in football. This is not to say that football doesn't matter to me because it is a large factor. But more that football is not my only factor in my college search. As far as football though I am looking for somewhere competitive that has a great coaching staff and somewhere that I think I can really help the team out.

7. What position are schools recruiting you for? Also, how would you describe your self as a player? What are your strengths and what do you think you need to work on?

Every school but Tennessee is recruiting me as a Safety. Tennessee is recruiting me as an athlete but more of an outside linebacker. As a player I like to think that I play fundamentally smart. I think that is my greatest strength since I am not the biggest or the fastest player on the field. I think I could work on my agility and my hips since that seems to be my biggest weakness according to most coaches.

8. If you could, talk about your season last year at McCallie and what's the outlook on next year's team?

My last season at McCallie was a decent one from a individual stand point however was not the best as a team. My stats from sophomore year were much better than those of last season, but I do not believe that my sophomore season was that much better just that more schools keyed on my last season. Also last season I got to touch the ball some and did ok with that so hopefully I will get some more offensive playing time this coming year. As a team I believe we should have a very solid season next year. We were a very young team last year and I believe we can only mature and develop into a better football team.

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