April 15, 2008

Practice Insider: Ultra Competitive Tuesday

Head coach Pete Carroll deemed it "Competition Tuesday"; and if Tuesday's practice was a book, it would have chapters titled "Naming a Starting Quarterback," "The Art of Decleating a Ball Carrier," and "From Five-Star Talent to Starter."

Chapter I: Naming a Starting Quarterback

The news spread like celebrity gossip early in the day, Carroll and staff said that quarterback Mark Sanchez would get the starting nod if there were a game this weekend.

"It will give him the chance to feel what it's like to be in that position," Carroll said. "It's no different than any other position, but it's (a position) of such great focus to everybody outside, this is the decision for right now and we'll go from here down the road."

Ultimately, as Carroll explains, since there is not an actual game this weekend this is just the decision for now.

"We'll have to do it all over again in the fall," Carroll said. "And I'll have to be disciplined about it to continue to give the opportunities to the guys to show what they can do.

"It's not a matter of (me) being stubborn, it's a matter of competition."

Keep in mind that Carroll has never changed his decision about starting quarterbacks when he's named one after spring practice. And based on practice, Carroll believes that the decision was obvious.

"Without question he's been ahead," Carroll said of Sanchez. "The advantage that Mark has had by being around for so many extra camp sessions just gives him a decisive advantage. He was able to come out and throw the ball well and play with confidence, that allowed him to take the spot for now.

"It's more subtle than obvious, because both Mitch and Aaron have done a lot of special stuff. But it has to do with his command of the offense and the things we can call and the depth of his understanding and the decision making."

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