April 30, 2008

Accountability a high priority for Sherman

This spring you could see the difference in Texas A&M football around the Bright Complex. And when I say "see the difference," I mean so quite literally. Everywhere in the building from the hallways to the locker room to the meeting rooms to Hagler Auditorium there are the new items that new head coach Mike Sherman has had installed.

Digital clocks.

It might not sound like that big of a deal, but the Aggies have found out that that is exactly what the clocks have become. It's a measure of accountability that had played a huge role in getting the team in line with the new coaching staff during the spring, and it will continue to play that role during the offseason and into August training camp and beyond.

"Either you are (accountable) or you aren't," said A&M defensive end Cyril Obiozor. "If you're accountable you'll be in this room with us on meeting day. If you're not you won't be. That's what we learn."

The new rules are basically a lesson in punctuality. Be on time. If you're late, you're considered absent. For every minute a player is late, that is wasted time in Sherman's book. For a coach who has been in the NFL for the past 13 years, accountability is a huge issue.

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