May 28, 2008

The Lowe Down

Willie Lowe loves to run, but this spring he gave up track to turn his complete focus towards his college football career. As a result, he is stronger and quicker than he was a few months ago and as he heads into a trip to the Big 33 game, he is counting the days until he arrives in Iowa City in the middle of June. Lowe talks about his expectations for this season and much more.

Q: What are your expectations this year coming in as a freshman with the Hawkeyes?

LOWE: My expectations are to come in and try to play special teams, try to be a nickel back, and try to content for spot at cornerback and compete with everyone on the team. I also want to do well in school.

Q: Do you have your eyes on being in the two deep this fall?

LOWE: Yes I do.

Q: Talk about what you have been doing to get ready to compete at Iowa?

LOWE: I have been training with the help of the coaches at my school and running a lot and lifting a lot of weights. I am getting ready for the all star game coming up on June 14th.

Q: Is that the Big 33 game?

LOWE: Yes, it is.

Q: What will that game be like?

LOWE: It is going to be fun and a nice experience. It will give me one more chance to compete before I get to college and there will be a lot of other college players on the field.

Q: Have you been doing anything sports wise this spring?

LOWE: No, I didn't do track this year because I wanted to concentrate on my football training. I always lost a little weight when I did track, so I wanted to keep my weight up and get ready for football.

Q: Have you improved your speed at all this spring and what sort of times are you running?

LOWE: Yeah I have. The last time I ran, I did a 4.3 in the 40.

Q: Your high school program went up against some of the top programs in Ohio and also played other teams around the nation. How does that level of competition help you prepare for Big Ten Football?

LOWE: It helped me prepare quite a bit. We played a team from California, Warren Central, and teams from all around Ohio that were state champions. Going up against other players who are heading to major college programs really helped me get ready for college football.

Q: When you played Warren Central, one of the guys on that team will be your future teammate, Jewel Hampton. What did you see from him that day?

LOWE: He was impressive and we really went at it that day because I also played running back in that game. He had about 300 yards that game and I had about 200, so it was a high scoring game.

Q: Are you going to miss playing running back?

LOWE: A little bit, but not really.

Q: What do you have to do this first year to make a difference and get on the field?

LOWE: I just want to show the coaches that I compete hard and that I can play with big time players.

Q: What has your relationship with Coach Phil Parker been like so far?

LOWE: It has been good. We just talked the other day and get along great. We have a good bond and I expect that bond will grow once I get to campus.

Q: When are you arriving on campus?

LOWE: I get there on June 15th, right after the all star game. I will have to pack all my stuff before I leave for the all star game. (laugh) We have graduation on the 4th and then I leave on the 6th to start practice for the game and then I leave the day after the game for Iowa.

Q: Are you playing corner in the game or are you going to see some time at running back too?

LOWE: I am playing corner, but I will probably play a little running back too.

Q: You know some of the guys who are already here. What have they told you about what you should expect in your first year?

LOWE: They have told me a lot of good things. They have told me to just play hard and to stay on the books and it will be good. I am coming in this summer and staying with Diauntae Morrow. He and I talk a lot, so I have a good idea about what to expect.

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