July 8, 2008

Trice still can't believe the last month

The importance of camps is currently one of the hot-button issues around recruiting circles, some feel far too much attention is paid to them while others feel it helps previously unnoticed players finally receive their due. The latter would certainly be the case for Mesquite, Texas three-star cornerback Marcus Trice. The diminutive defensive back was overlooked not only for his stature but a lack of name recognition.

Upon his arrival at last month's TCU NIKE camp he wasted little time making sure a lack of attention would plague him no longer; challenging each and every top flight receiver in attendance and defeating nearly all comers.

Since then he has picked up roughly a dozen offers and has more schools showing interest by the day. Trice, who is full of confidence on the field admits that the last month of his life has been a humbling experience.

"Well, I am very surprised. I didn't think I would pull in this many offers, I though I would get an offer or two because of my size. I felt like I always had the ability and the swagger but I knew that if I would keep working hard I might have a chance," Trice said. "It's been interesting, some schools have offered me as a receiver, like Troy just the other day.

"Some schools even want me to play both ways. It really doesn't matter to me but I mainly want to play defense."

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