July 24, 2008

Greenwood still interested in Syracuse?

Conroe (TX) Conroe running back Lou Greenwood saw his recruitment take off just before the summer months. Now Greenwood holds five offers and could possibly be on the verge of more. CuseConfidential spoke with Greenwood about the recruiting process.

"I have not received any new offers, but I am going to Baylor this weekend and I think they are going to offer."

Greenwood, 6-foot-1, 174 pounds also mentioned that northwestern has started to show him interest.

Even though two new schools start to show him interest there are another two schools o he feels are showing him more interest than other schools.

"Iowa State and Syracuse are the two schools showing me the most interest right now."

With those schools showing him interest it is no surprise he has a solid relationship with those coaches. However, there is one other coach he is also making a nice impression.

"The coaches I have the best relationships with, probably be Coach Spencer from Syracuse, Coach Spencer from Georgia Tech, and Coach Boulware from Iowa State."

Last time Greenwood had a chance to talk about Syracuse he did not know much, but after getting to know Coach Spencer one thing is sticking out.

"I have had a chance to talk with Coach Spencer from Syracuse, he actually also went to Conroe High School. We are cool, I like him."

Besides the close relationship has Greenwood learned anything else since the offer from the Orange?

"I went on their website and I watched a couple of their games and I learned a little bit more. Other than that I still do not know much about him."

Even though the football season is quickly approaching Greenwood has not thought about official visits yet. He knows the importance of the visits, however and will be talking with his coach soon.

"I have not thought about that. I am going to get with my coach and talk with him about scheduling my official visits. I might do one or two during the season, but I will probably do most of them after the season."

Will the Orange receive a visit?

"Syracuse is actually on my list because I want to go to New York."

Is that trip set in stone or can things change?

"I do not know about definitely, but they will more than likely be one of my visits."

During this summer Greenwood is looking to pack on some extra weight for this season. His summer plan involves him working out every morning from 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM.

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