August 7, 2008

Savage faces long road back

The surgery to repair his torn ACL was just over 24 hours ago.

But the road to recovery has already started for Auburn cornerback Aairon Savage. The junior faces at least a six month, probably longer, rehab after dislocating his right knee and tearing his ACL during Monday's practice.

Auburn team doctor, Dr. Michael D. Goodlett, cannot comment on Savage's specific injury due to privacy laws, but can speak about his type of injury in general terms.

"When you dislocate a joint, that's a far more serious injury than if you just tear an ACL or MCL because of the collateral damage. It's mainly the artery and the nerve that you worry about," said Goodlett.

Fortunately for Savage, the dislocation was immediately administered to on the field. In fact, Goodlett and Auburn's training staff were attending to Savage literally seconds after the injury occurred.

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