August 13, 2008

Chris Forcier finds himself in the mix

Redshirt freshman Chris Forcier has climbed up the depth chart very quickly since Saturday. Even before Ben Olson was carted off the field, Forcier was getting the most reps he has ever received at a practice. Now he finds himself in a position to be the starting quarterback if he performs well. Forcier spent some time with the media after a recent practice.

What are the coaches, coaching you on right now? What do they think you need to improve on?

Forcier: "Just knowing the playbook, knowing where the receivers are going to be on their routes, reading the defenses and the biggest part, just being a smart player. That's the biggest thing. Not forcing any balls. Coach Chow says don't try to do the unthinkable just hit the open guy and make the play."

How is the game coming to you right now as far as quickness and the pace?

Forcier: "I think it is slowing down just because I'm getting a lot more reps. It is hard to slow the game down when you are just looking on paper versus when you are actually in there. When you first get in there it is really fast, but you start to get the tempo down and the speed of the game better.

"You get the timing on the routes with the players and it slows it a lot down when you know what you're doing."

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