August 20, 2008

Aggies celebrate the end of two-a-days

COLLEGE STATION - Wednesday marked the end of August two-a-days at Texas A&M, and the Aggies went out in style. After finishing the morning practice on the outdoor practice fields adjacent to the Bright Complex, the Aggies went at each other in a water balloon fight that spilled over to the sidelines.

At first, the offense and defense launched water balloons at each other at opposite ends of the field with balloon launchers, but not long after the start the two sides starting hand-to-hand, or balloon-to-balloon combat. Not too long after that, the players turned to the sideline and the coaching staff - or in some cases members of the media.

"I think they had a good time. Obviously this has been a grind and two-a-days always is, and this is really the last day of two-a-days for them," said A&M head coach Mike Sherman. "Anything like that where they can be kids again and have some fun I think is important for the chemistry."

Position coaches seemed to be the top targets for players. For instance, cornerback Arkeith Brown snuck up on defensive backs coach Charles McMillian on the sideline, even though the balloon didn't break. Graduate assistant Kirk Elder even got into the fray as he hit graduate assistant and former teammate Jaxson Appel, who got back by running down Elder and tackling him on the adjacent field.

Sherman, however, was able to stay dry. The former offensive lineman showed that he can still be nimble as a coach.

"They tried (to get me), but it didn't work," Sherman said. "I'm too quick on my feet, well, too quick on my head than on my feet."

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