October 3, 2008

Voices from the Scrolls: Looking for payback?

You the fans asked, and the Huskers have answered. In this week's edition of Voices from the Scrolls, we've picked five of the numerous questions submitted by our readers and asked them to Nebraska's players and coaches themselves. Here are their answers:

What is the most challenging part of having three big games in a row like this from a player's perspective? - astrostock

"Just all the hype and the excitement of it. Just the opportunity to play three big teams." - sophomore cornerback Prince Amukamara

"Coming off a loss like last week, just being able to get back up, get your head up and really get ready for the next game. Especially another high-energy type of game, a late-night game against another high-caliber team. Probably just getting up for the challenge again." - senior defensive end Zach Potter

What is your game day routine when kickoff is at night? Do you prefer night games? - Brizzad

"It's nice sleeping in a bit on Saturday morning, then kind of watching football all day. It allows you unwind a little bit and then refocus before the game a couple hours before. It's a nice little mental break. I know I like, and I'm sure the other guys like it too." - senior quarterback Joe Ganz.

"Night games are a struggle because you sit in the hotel for hours on end and watch TV and football. You have meetings, you eat a lot during the day to make sure you get your carbs in before the game. You just basically hang out, and once you get to the stadium, I go outside and play catch and hang out, stay relaxed and get ready for the game." - Potter

"Before we leave the hotel, I take a dump, I say a prayer. When we get in the locker room, I listen to some music, a little bit of Lifehouse. Then I always put everything on left first, like left sock, left arm through the shoulder pad, stuff like that." - Amukamara

Does crowd noise intended to disrupt the offense, say on a big third down, also make it tougher for the defense to communicate our signals and adjustments? - nja13

"I don't want to make that as an excuse, because we do have hand signals, so no. I do think we have the greatest fans in college football, so I think that it's necessary." - Amukamara

"It can affect us, but we never want the crowd to quiet down for the defense. You always want the crowd to be loud because it's going to affect the offense more than it does us. We can play more as a guess than the offense can not really knowing what they're going to do. We can just kind of play ball a little bit. It can affect us at times, but I'm never going to tell the crowd to quiet down." - Potter

With the way we lost at Missouri last year, specifically the fake field goal on fourth down with the game already in hand for Missouri, are there a lot of players with "payback" on their minds? - jdjewell

"I don't think that there's payback. None of my teammates have been talking about it, so no." - Amukamara

"I wouldn't say it's payback. I think it's just we're looking to go out and play the best we can against a team that's obviously playing really well. I don't think it's payback. We play them every year. We just need to go out and play our best ball and hopefully come out with a 'W'." - Potter

Has Bo Pelini done anything different from last year to keep the teams confidence up? - HuskerWatson

"We've forgotten about it already. We've moved on. We moved on Saturday night after the game. Coach (Bo Pelini) came in and said this one's over. Stop thinking about it, forget about it, let's move on… It's just been a real positive experience in the locker room." - Ganz

"He came in here yesterday and he saw some guys with their heads down still, and he told us we have to move on. It's a loss. It happened. There's nothing we can do about it now. We've got to put all our attention towards Missouri this week. He really just preached the attitude of just forget what happened and move on, because there's nothing you can do about it now." - Potter

"Not really. Both this year and last year, both head coaches stayed positive." - Amukamara

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