November 7, 2008

Voices from the Scrolls: Motivational factor?

You the fans asked, and the Huskers have answered. In this week's edition of Voices from the Scrolls, we've taken questions submitted by our readers and asked them to Nebraska's players and coaches themselves. Here are their answers:

Is last year's loss to KU going to be a big motivational factor this week? - HskrNation95

"It was a horrifying thing that happened down there, especially on the defensive side. But that's last year. We have a whole different staff and different people coming back. Me personally, I've been gone with that game since last year. I've really forgot about last year. It's a new game… For me, I don't consider it a payback factor. Basically, they're in front of us and have the power to not let us get to our goals that we've set aside at this point in time for these next three games. We obviously have a three-game season left. We want to go 3-0, and they're one of the teams we have to go through to get to that." - junior defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh

"Every game is motivation, but when we played Kansas last year, what they did, it was like getting in a fight and somebody beat you up. You just want to come back and kill them, not kill them, but like beat their butt. But we can't let that take our focus away from our keys and responsibilities. If you're just trying to get revenge, you ain't really playing the game to win. We're just trying to stay focused on what we're trying to do. Of course what happened last year is still in us, but we're just going to do the same things we do every week." - senior cornerback Armando Murillo

"You don't want to go just the revenge card, but anytime you get embarrassed like that you're going to have some animosity, especially if you're a competitor. It's one of those things where it's like you kind of lost the respect there, and the goal is to go back and earn it and show them that we deserve their respect. You can't do that by getting beat like that, and the only way to do that is go out there and give them what they gave us." - junior center Jacob Hickman

"It's a completely different team. We've got new guys out there, a new staff and a new program pretty much. Last year, it's over. It's nothing we want to happen again and we remember it, but we're not focusing on it. We're not out for vengeance or anything like that." - senior linebacker Armando Murillo

An 8-4 record and a bowl game are there for the taking. What steps are the (players) taking to make it happen? - N_enigma

"I think it's huge, just because of the fact that if we're able to finish this season 3-0, that gives us a good record and we're going to go to a quality bowl game against a good opponent. Being able to do that would just really lay a foundation for the upcoming teams. Just being able to be a part of something like that would really mean a lot to me." - Wortman

"One of the major goals for our team is trying to restore the tradition. We kind of need a good starting point, a good foothold for that, and if we can go in and win these three games and go to a good bowl game and win that, that could be the foothold we've been looking for as a program. That's pretty huge, and it will almost overshadow some of the down sides. It's a three-game season, and it's one of those things where if we go in and play like we can, it could really make the season for us." - Hickman

Why does Jeff Jamrog wear a headset on the sidelines during games? Did Tim Cassidy do this as well or does Jamrog help the coaches because he was a former coach himself? - tohusker

"What he does is he charts the plays. It helps us out when we go back in the locker room at halftime to have the play chart in front of us." - defensive backs coach Marvin Sanders at Friday's Big Red Breakfast.

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