November 18, 2008

He said-She said. Big plays. Big win.


.She said::...



Whoa, the roller coaster ride is picking up steam and these last two games
are not for the faint at heart.

Cal's defense is solid and for the Beavers to score twenty points on the offense
(fourteen points were a direct result of a kickoff return and an interception)
says something, especially given that Cal only gave up 17 points at USC and
16 points to Oregon.

Was Moevao at his sharpest, no, but he did what he needed to do given the fact
that he was battling illness. He could barely talk at the post game press conference
and lived on throat drops all game just to call out the plays. He is a warrior,
like the rest of the team is showing to be down the stretch.

Now, the big numbers were once again put up by Quizz, but older brother Quon
had a great day as well, although I'll talk about that down in special teams.
Actually it is Shane Morales and Sammie Stroughter who deserve some credit here
for their great blocks on some big plays. These two can really make a hit when
they need too (as can Quizz & Quon).

And once again, I have to sing the praises of the offensive line. These guys
never cease to amaze me.

All in all, not their strongest performance as a whole, but a HUGE win none
the less.



HE SAYS::...

Gritty performance by the offense. Yes, it wasn't always pretty, but it was
pretty effective when it mattered.

Ball control was the name of the game and the Oregon State offense controlled
it all day, especially in the second half when it mattered. The Beavs had the
ball for 19:21 to the Bears 10:39 after halftime.

Quizz got stronger as the game went on, something all good backs do.

Sure, Moevao wasn't sharp, but he managed the game well and didn't make any
costly errors. Given the rustiness from his injury and the cold/flu he was dealing
with, I thought he did fine.

As Angie mentioned above, the blocking all around, especially by the receivers
and Quizz was outstanding. Whether it is Quon laying down a wicked block for
his brother, Quizz repaying the favor, or Stroughter taking out a linebacker
to free up Morales, this group sure buys into the "there's no 'I' in team"


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