November 19, 2008

Bruins back to practice

The pace and energy at the practice was what you would think it would be after a win. UCLA head coach Rick Neuheisel met with media after practice to discuss the pertinent things that are going within the program such as the latest on Ben Olson and Sonny Tevaga.

Neuheisel: "It was a good practice. The kids are in a good mood, which is always fun, coming off a win, but we have got to get serious fast, meaning starting tomorrow (Wednesday Nov. 18) and make sure that tomorrow's and Thursday's practices are spirited and intense and help improve the football team so that we can play our best football game in Arizona, because it is a huge game for us as it is a huge one for them to keep their post-season hopes alive."

After talking to Ben Olson, where does he stand?

Neuheisel: "He's going to meet with one of our doctors tonight to look at a CT scan that they did over the weekend and we will know more after that."

They did a CT scan?

Neuheisel: "That's what he told me today and so they are going to review that tonight. He doesn't know the results of it."

Is Ben feeling some pain?

Neuheisel: "He was feeling soreness, absolutely."

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