December 2, 2008

Davis recaps his senior season

The 2008 season was at times a frustrating one for four-star wide receiver Keenan Davis. A leg injury forced him to miss almost six games, but when he was on the field he produced as always, including 857 yards receiving and 6 touchdowns for Cedar Rapids Washington, who finished 11-2 on the year. With the season coming to a close a couple weeks ago, we caught up with Davis to talk about his senior year, what lies ahead for him at Iowa, an upcoming national all-star game he is playing in, and much more.

Q: Can you talk a little bit about your senior season? I know it was a little up and down with the injury, but what are your thoughts looking back on it now?

DAVIS: Well, it hurt me a lot throughout the season to only watch the team. I missed really six games almost. I missed four full games, but I only played about a quarter in two other games. It just hurt a lot to not be able to help the team, but they really stepped up. That was good to watch them step up and have other receivers do the job. When I got back, it was hard to get back in the groove and be myself, but I finally got into it the last two games. I just wish I could have been there the whole time.

Q: Was your 200-yard game against Bettendorf in the playoffs one of the better games you've ever had?

DAVIS: Yeah. It was really good. It was horrible weather out, snowing and cold. Coach just told me before the game he was putting the ball in my hands and I had to step up.

Q: As a team, I know you guys came up a game short of where you wanted to be, losing in the semifinals this year. What happened against Cedar Falls the second time around?

DAVIS: We beat them the first game of the year, but I think they watched a lot of the film and saw their quarterback could run on us. We had a defense that could guard their pass, but they exploited us with their quarterback rushing and handing it off. Defensively, we could have played a lot better, but it's over and done with.

Q: Overall, some frustration obviously, but you did a lot of good things too winning 11 games this year.

DAVIS: Yeah, that's what Coach said at the end of the game. We should be proud of ourselves. We all had big enough hearts to make it that far, so we should be proud of what we did.

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