December 16, 2008

California quarterback interested in Tigers

El Cajon (CA) Valhalla quarterback Peter Thomas had a year that most quarterbacks only dream about. Besides leading his team to the San Diego championships for the first time in school history with an 11-2 record, Thomas passed for over 3,000 yards, which included 28 touchdowns and six interceptions. This type of production is causing schools everywhere to take notice.

"I have one offer from Boston College, and I got that about a month-and-half ago," Thomas said. "I have been talking with Arizona, USC, Oregon State, Northwestern and some more schools like that. LSU and Alabama too."

There is also another school that is of interest to the 2010 recruit.

"I have not spoken to anyone from Missouri, but I think my coach has," he said. "I am very interested in them."

According to the junior, Missouri interests him because of their type of offense and the man in charge of the Tigers.

"I like their coach a lot, and the offense that they run is similar to the one we run in high school," Thomas said. "I don't know, I just like their team, and I really like Chase Daniel. I know he won't be there when I would be there, but still I mean what he is doing right now I really like."

When looking at potential colleges, Thomas said he is looking to make a connection with the coaching staff and the team.

"Academics are really important but how much of a team they are and the coaches," he said. "How good of a relationship I have with the coaches and stuff. I would say a lot of things go into my decision, but the coach is definitely one of them."

Thomas said that he has been following the Tigers closely for the past few years. Watching Daniel make a run at the Heisman last season is definitely a selling point for the California native.

"Definitely, Definitely," the quarterback said. "With the way they throw balls up there, with the receivers and tight ends they have up there, there is always a chance for that (Heisman). But definitely a school that good just makes it more of a school that I would want to go to."

One of the tools that Thomas is using to his advantage is his height. But at 6-foot-5, just being tall is not the only thing that Thomas wants to be noticed for.

"I have a pretty strong arm, but I also feel that I am a pretty good athlete," he said. "I am pretty elusive. I can get out of the pocket and make some plays with my legs, so it's being an all-around athlete, and I think I have really good mechanics."

Going into his senior season, Thomas said that there are also some improvements that he is looking to make.

"Just working hard and getting faster and working on my mechanics," Thomas said. "Just being a leader. That is what a quarterback has to do. You have to lead your team. I think I am a pretty good leader but just getting better overall and feeling more comfortable in the pocket."

The quarterback from the West Coast also said that he is has no problem leaving his home state or playing in a particular conference.

"None of that really matters," the quarterback said. "Staying on the West Coast would be nice, but I do not think location has an effect. Boston College is all the way across the country, and I really like them. I really like Missouri and those schools in the Big 12 with the type of offenses they run."

Although he has made no personal contact with the Tigers, the junior said he would be very interested if they increased their contact with him.

"Definitely," Thomas said. "I really love Missouri. I have not talked to them yet, but I think they have talked to my coach, but I definitely like Missouri. If I did start talking to them and maybe got an offer from them, that would be right up there. The last three or four years I have loved Missouri."

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