December 23, 2008

CMU Commit Wins State Title and Plays in Crab Bowl

To say Malek Redd has had himself a good month would be an understatement to the highest degree. While most high school football players were either doing their Christmas shopping or just getting ready for their winter sport season, Malek went ahead and helped his River Hill team win a state championship. This past week, he participated in the first ever Crab Bowl, an All-Star game pitting the best players from Maryland and Washington D.C. against one another.

While Redd's Maryland team lost the game 31-22, the game and the week of practices leading up to it were both worthwhile experiences.

"It was a real good experience to play with all of the top guys in Maryland," Redd said. "We all knew each other from going to all of the different awards ceremonies. It was fun to compete with all of those guys. It was also cool that it was the first Crab Bowl ever."

Making it difficult for both sides was the limited practice time to help get the offenses acclimated with one another.

"We had three days of practice but it was pretty hard," Redd said. "We had a rotation set up so that everyone got to play. We ran a spread offense which was cool but we had to pass the ball a lot because it was an all-star game."

Two players that impressed Malek during the game were Jelani Jenkins, the top linebacker prospect in the country, and DeOnte Arnett, a Maryland commit at on the defensive line.

"Those two were the reasons we couldn't do anything on offense," Redd said. "DeOnte was just unblockable."

One fun aspect of the week was Malek was on the same team as future Central Michigan teammate, D.J. Scott.

"It was fun to be on the team with D.J.," Redd said. "We talked about Central a lot. We went against each other a lot in practice. He is a real good corner and I am a real good offensive player so we just went at it."

When asked who got the best of their one on one match-ups, Malek laughed and said they were about even.

"It was basically an even match-up," Redd said. "I got him quite a bit early but he figured out ways to stop me later on."

Also highlighting Malek's December was his River Hill team's victory over Eastern Tech in the state championship game.

"It was a great feeling," Redd said. "For my last game at River Hill to be a win in the state title game, it means a lot to me. Me and my teammates are going to be able to look back on that and remember we went out champions."

Highlighting the game was a 50-yard touchdown catch for Malek.

"It was great. It was funny," Redd said. "Last year we did the same thing to them on the same drive. All week in practice, we said we weren't going to run that play because they would be waiting for it. But I told my coach their safety was coming up any time we use our jet motion. I sat back for a second after the snap and then ran my route."

With his high school season behind him, Malek says he plans on watching the Chippewas in the Motor City Bowl this Friday. When asked for a prediction, he was perfectly clear what he thought would happen.

"It will be a good game but CMU is going to win in the end."

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