January 5, 2009

GoPowercat Q&A: Josh Freeman

Josh Freeman saw Darren Sproles transform himself into an overnight sensation. Freeman also saw Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan come close but not close enough as his rookie campaign came to a close on Saturday. This time next year, Freeman knows he could have his shot in the playoffs. Freeman spoke with GoPowercat.com's D. Scott Fritchen about his Jan. 1 announcement that he would forego his senior season at Kansas State while the 6-foot-6, 250-pounder also reflected on his Wildcats career.

D. Scott Fritchen: You watched Darren Sproles make national headlines Saturday night. Atlanta rookie quarterback Matt Ryan staged a valiant effort in a loss. Right now, do you catch yourself thinking about what it might be like to be in the playoffs this time next year?
Josh Freeman: Darren Sproles tore it up, huh. Matt Ryan obviously had a good year. I'm obviously not going to be in the same situation as Matt Ryan as far as playing for the Falcons. You don't know what team you're going to play for or any of the situations. The playoffs are what everybody always hopes for in a career. You want success. Right now, I'm worried about getting ready for the combine and pro days.

DSF: The story in The Kansas City Star revealed you took most of your belongings home at the end of the semester. What percentage were you leaning toward going to the NFL at that time?
JF: I had no idea, honestly. I mean, I took a lot of stuff back because I was going to be home for like a month, you know.

DSF: Then you returned to Manhattan and met with Coach Bill Snyder last Sunday?
JF: It was on New Year's Day, actually.

DSF: Coach Snyder obviously would've liked to have seen you stay. What were some of the positives that Snyder indicated would be waiting for you if you returned to Kansas State for your senior season?
JF: I respect Coach Snyder and he has a very strict policy about speaking behind closed doors. I don't feel comfortable disclosing exactly what was said in our conversation.

DSF: Was this a scheduled meeting or did you just stop by his office that day?
JF: I'd talked to him earlier in the week before I made my decision. I was going to be up there for New Year's so we talked about getting together on New Year's Day. Either way, I was going to meet with him.

DSF: Did you give him any inkling about which way you were leaning before the meeting? How did all of that transpire?
JF: I didn't really know what my decision was going to be until two days or a day before the meeting.

DSF: You had told me toward the end of the season you would find out more from the College Advisory Committee in mid-January. The committee obviously evaluated you earlier than you originally planned. How much did that evaluation speed up the process in you reaching your decision?
JF: It was surprisingly quick. (The evaluation) was definitely something that I took into account. There were a lot of things. That was something that was a big part, but it was just one piece. It wasn't something that pushed me over the edge. There was a lot of research and other things that went into (the decision).

DSF: When did the committee phone you about its evaluation?
JF: A lady from the committee called me last week, about five days before I met with Coach Snyder. Actually, her call came right after Christmas. She said she had spoken with Coach about what everybody (involved with drafting college players for individual NFL clubs) thought about me, what the results were. Then Coach Snyder called me and we talked later on that day.

DSF: Did the committee go into detail about the perceived positives and negatives they found in your game?
JF: No, they weren't detailed with me at all. It wasn't anything specific at all.

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