January 12, 2009

Glaser ready for competition

Coming into next season, sophomore Blaine Gabbert has to be the front runner for the starting quarterback position because of his time in Missouri's system. Gabbert, however, will have to deal with competition from incoming freshmen Blaine Dalton and Ashton Glaser. Glaser will be heading to Columbia on January 19th, and he is ready to throw his name in the mix.

"I have talked to coach David Yost, and that coaching staff says the best person plays, so we are going to have to get out there everyday and show what we have and bring our A-game everyday," Glaser said. "You know, it could change everyday, and you might lose your spot."

Glaser has been committed to the Tigers since June 26th, and his feelings about the Tigers have not wavered even when Auburn tried to lure away the Arkansas native.

"They (Auburn) started trying to recruit me really hard, and I told them that I am completely happy with Missouri right now," the quarterback said. "They were my first offer, and they have been great to me, and I love the fans and all the support they have and all the support I have gotten since I committed to them. I think Missouri is a better fit for me than anyone else."

Glaser was so committed to the Tigers that he made the decision to graduate early so that he could spend more time learning about his new team.

"I still work at the school doing maintenance stuff on the field, and it's weird watching all my friends be in school with me on the outside sitting and watching," he said. "It feels good though. It's kind of a relief, and I guess I don't have to deal with the high school drama anymore."

Until this past week, Glaser had been resting his body. He was looking to heal from his previous season and also looking to prepare for the next level.

"You know, I needed some time to just relax and regroup with my body and healing and everything," Glaser said. "I just started working out again on Monday, and I have been working out twice a day, and I am going to do that until I leave."

When he arrives on campus, Glaser knows that everything changes, and that he is no longer the biggest name on team. Instead, he will have to make his way to the top through hard work.

"I have been working out a lot, and I am just trying to get ready for the big change," he said. "I know everything changes. You know the tempo, and I know that if you were a high school star and everyone looked up to you in your town and you got special privileges there, I know that all changes and you come in at the bottom of the totem pole, and you have to work your way back up."

Even though stars like Chase Coffman, Jeremy Maclin and Tommy Saunders will no longer be available for future quarterbacks, Glaser is confident that Missouri will be able to continue its dominance on the offensive side of the ball.

"Missouri, with running the spread, you're going to throw up points no matter who you have," he said. "I mean, we probably will not have another Jeremy Maclin or Martin Rucker, but we are going to have guys who are going to be themselves, and they are going to be really good. I believe our coaching staff is going to do a great job of recruiting the best players we can possibly have at Missouri. Playmakers."

With just about a week until he arrives at Columbia, Glaser said the biggest thing he will be working on is learning a new way of running a familiar system.

According to Glaser: "Coming into a new system, well not new system, same system but coming into a new place, a new football team. You know I have run the same system in high school, and I am very familiar with that. It is all I have ever run. I am going to have to learn the terminology because I know my plays are probably going to be just like the ones they have there, but I am going to have to learn the terminology and just learn the game better."

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