January 18, 2009

Fullam recaps official visit

"My player host was Ryan Hamilton."

I actually had a room to myself.

Yes, I got a chance to talk to the guys whom I had met before and also the guys who were visiting for the first time. It was good to see they all were just as excited as I was to be at such a wonderful place and be a part of a rising program.

"The trip went great. It was really fun to get to know the other commitments and also the guys who are already there. The players have a bond there like no other team I have visited and it made me feel great knowing that I would be a part of such a brotherhood. Also the food was absolutely amazing."

We were able to visit with the coaches very often. We spent most of our day with them which allowed us to get all of our questions answered and just get to know them better.

I had the opportunity to meet/talk with the Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences. I am going to go in undecided but will probably attend the School Arts and Sciences.

I am very excited about Vanderbilt, I cannot wait until signing day just to know I will be a part of such a special thing is really amazing. I was not able to see the bowl game due to being out of the country, but my parents went to the game. I think all the commitments are very pleased with Vanderbilt's recent success and it only makes me feel better about my decision.

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