January 26, 2009

More with Peterman

Youngstown (OH) Ursuline cornerback Dale Peterman picked Syracuse University as his college destination over the weekend. Peterman spoke with CuseConfidential.com about his recent visit and why he picked the Orange.

"It is a solid verbal," Peterman said. "The campus, I loved the campus it was great the facilities were awesome It just felt right being at Syracuse."

Peterman, 5-foot-11, 155 pounds had only met Coach Shafer, but on his visit he met everybody on the new staff. The three star prospect liked the other coaches as much as he already likes Shafer.

"It was like a brand new coaching staff and everything. I have been talking with Coach Shafer and he came down to see me at basketball practice and he felt real comfortable around me. When I went up there I met all of the coaches and I just had a real good vibe about it."

From day one when Peterman steps on the Syracuse campus as a member of the football team he has a goal set for working as hard as he can. With that goal he hopes to accomplish some things very quick.

"I jut want to be the best player I can be," Peterman stated. "I am trying to play my freshman year, so I am going to work as hard as I can and do my best to make the team better."

The Ohio product has been to many different colleges during this process and seen some great facilities. Unfortunately Syracuse does not make the top spot on his list, but something at Syracuse put them over the top.

"I have seen some better ones, but none are more comfortable like for the environment to be in. Ryan Gillum was my host and he is from Youngstown and that is where I am from, so that gave me a family aspect of everything."

On his visit to Syracuse he was able to attend a basketball game between two top 10 basketball teams in Syracuse and Louisville. The crowd at the game really wowed the new Orange commitment.

"That was sweet man. That was sweet how they pull the stands out from the football field on the one side. The Carrier Dome that was a nice place during the Louisville game it was loud and that was with only one half filled up. I can't imagine of both sides were filled up."

In high school Peterman was able to make mistakes and recover without anybody taking much notice, but in college that is about to change. While on the trip Peterman was able to talk with current Orange players about what his biggest adjustments will need to be.

"I was talking with some of the players and they said getting all of the coverages down, all your reads, being quick on your feet, and being able to make quick adjustments. In high school you can mess up, but you have the athletic ability to make up for it. You can't do that in college."

When it comes to the kind of player Orange fans could expect to see Peterman talked about his determination and his mind set to put Syracuse on top in the Big East and nationally.

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