January 29, 2009

Britt ready for more football

In June, Lebanon (MO) offensive tackle Justin Britt committed within minutes of receiving an offer from the Tigers. Making such an early commitment allowed Britt to focus on his senior season and to make improvements to his game.

"The season went great," Britt said. "We had a winning season for the first time in 13 years it seems like. We had the second playoff win in school history. I think what I did well was my pass blocking. I think I only gave up one sack, and we threw 443 times.

"At the beginning of the season, I was not too good at making a block and then making another block, which I improved on towards the end of the season if you look at the film. There is always room for improvement though on everybody."

Currently, the offensive tackle is 6-6 and 270lbs. According to Britt, Mizzou is not concerned about his weight when he enters the program.

"I am wrestling right now, so my limit is 285, but it does not matter," he said. "They (Mizzou) told me they can get me wherever they want to. They said they have had lineman in the past come in at 220 and now they weigh 300."

Besides being such an early commit to Mizzou, Britt has also helped on the recruiting trail. Britt said coach Barry Odom had him call another Missouri commit.

"Coach Odom had me call Mark Hill from Branson and try to talk him into committing, which he did after he talked to me," Britt said.

For now, Britt will continue to wrestle and count down the months until he travels to Columbia. The opportunity to play four more years of the game he loves will be the most exciting part of the transition he said.

"Our season is over, and we have highlight videos and stuff that I watch with my friends who have not seen it," he said. "You have this heart-broken feeling every time you watch it. I really miss it. But when you think about it, I will be playing four years on national T.V., and it will be a great experience."

Britt said that he is going to forgo participating in a track this year because he wants to continue to focus on his weight once he gets a workout plan from Missouri. With signing day just a week away, Britt is getting excited and making sure everyone knows about it.

"Well I keep asking my friends if they are going to be there," Britt said. "I tell them they better be there, and they always tell me that I told them that already. It's a big deal, and I am very excited. I asked my coach what time we were doing it, and he said it was up to me. We are going to have it in the gym."

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