February 5, 2009

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of BC/UVA


Offensive Execution Against Man-to-Man Defense

It's almost unfathomable that the Eagles shot 68% in the 1st half isn't it? That's about the percentage that the Harlem Globetrotters shoot in a game right?

BC did a great job of running their offense early on, as there were hardly any instances of anyone taking a bad shot. The Eagles got the shots that in the position they wanted when they wanted and there was nothing that UVA could do about it.

Rakim Sanders

Sanders registered a double-double, pouring in 20 points and grabbing 10 rebounds. Half of those rebounds were offensive rebounds and came because Sanders was aggressive going for offensive boards all game long. In fact, 8 of 20 points for Sanders came off of one of his offensive rebounds. It was as aggressive as Sanders has played at any point in his career.

The best example of how physical Sanders played came in the 1st half. Sanders took a nasty elbow to his head that sent him to the deck. On the very next possession the sophomore took the ball inside for a shot in the paint against two defenders. The fact that Sanders went down low on the very next play was impressive, because most players in that situation would've hung out around the three point line on the next few trips down the court to avoid any more physical contact. This might very well be an early sign of Sanders maturing into a leader and an all around more aggressive player.

Free Throw Shooting of Biko Paris

In the final 1:09, Paris was a big reason that BC was able to hold off UVA, as the sophomore guard hit 6-of-8 free throws in that span.

Paris' performance at the line was a refreshing change, as he came into the game shooting only 62% from the line on the season. It would be nice if Paris could become a better free throw shooter, because he remains one of the team's best ball handlers and could be a nice guy to play down the stretch when BC is just trying to kill the clock.

5 Game ACC Winning Streak

This is the third time in school history that BC has won 5 straight games against ACC competition. The Eagles accomplished this feat once during the '05-'06 season and once during the '06-'07 season. BC has never won 6 straight games in ACC play.


Offensive Execution Against Zone

I often wonder why more teams don't more play zone defense against BC. I mean think about it. In just about every game this season the Eagles have gone against a man-to-man defense and put their flex offense up against it. So, wouldn't you think that making BC run a different offense would throw a wrench into their plans?

That's exactly what UVA did in the 2nd half and it paid off. The Eagles were held to just 9 field goals from the floor, and overall just looked really out of sync on the offensive end.

BC's Sloppy Passing

The Eagles made quite a few sloppy passes, especially after they built a huge lead. In the game BC committed 20 turnovers, and almost all of them came via a lazy pass that involved no fake before the pass was made. There were countless telegraphed passes that the Cavs' turned into breakaway dunks.


Virginia's Full Court Press

Have you ever had a dog that loved chasing balls and sticks for the majority of its life? I mean one of those dogs who could just about be ready to fall asleep, and then you'd toss a ball and the dog would jump right up and go after it?

Now, picture that dog when it turned 12 or 13. After the dog would lie down and you'd throw the ball it would kind of sit there and maybe raise its eyeball to look at where the ball would land. Or maybe on really good days the dog might even sit up and then lay down again.

That 12 or 13 year old dog reminded me of the Cavs' full court pressure. Initially, UVA would apply some pressure before the ball was inbounded, and they made it hard for the Eagles to get it in. Then, as soon as BC got the ball in, UVA would retreat back on defense like that old dog.

This came on the heels of both coaches admitting before the game that an up-tempo setting would favor UVA the most. With that being said, that's what you ordered for your defense Dave Leitao?

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