March 3, 2009

Dawgs on the Trail for Tall DE

Georgia has officially declared its need for an impact defensive end and Tuesday morning extended one to one of the nation's best in Lynden Trail, a 6-foot-8, 220-pounder out of Florida's Booker T Washington High.

"I received a scholarship offer from Georgia this (Tuesday) morning, Trail told UGASports ealier today.

The Bulldog coaching staff has set their eyes on the highly athletic end from Miami. But Trail admits they did not come to his school looking at him initially.

"Georgia came down here looking at Eduardo Clements first, but then they noticed this 6-foot-8 kid," Trail said. "They asked, 'What position do you play?' I said, "Defensive end." They were like, "Oh, we thought you were a receiver."

Bulldog coaches obviously liked what they saw.

"Then they saw my film, and they said, 'This kid is a monster off the edge," so Coach (Mike) Bobo started recruiting me. I have been receiving letters for three months now, and now I have an offer from them."

The Booker T standout has watched Georgia over the last few years. Trail gave his thoughts on his newest offer.

"Georgia is a big time D-1 program and its defense has always been good," he said. "That is number one for me; any team with a good defense makes me want to join them."

Trail has been in contact with Georgia on a regular basis this year, and he has good things to say about the Bulldog staff.

"The coaches are real cool, they are down to earth and they tell you straight up. They don't beat around the bush and say things like, 'You got a chance to start,'" he said. "They have seniors leaving and they would have me coming in and they said we will use your athleticism to the t," so that is point blank."

There was also another reason for Trail to be interested in the Bulldogs. He has a teammate that has been in his ear about Georgia since he got his offer as well.

"I am very excited because my teammate Eduardo Clements has an offer from Georgia and he has come to me telling me about Georgia and their schemes," said the rangy defensive end.

Now that they both have offers, Trail mentioned a trip to Georgia in the near future.

"I just texted Eduardo and I was telling him we should visit Athens and check out the campus and everything," said an excited Trail.

Trail also excels on the basketball court, and just finished his season, averaging 25 points, 16 rebounds, 5 assists and an impressive 8 blocks and per game. He runs track as well, showcasing his 4.6 speed and his 36 inch vertical. Even with three demanding sports, Trail admits he cannot get enough.

"When it comes to my drive to play multiple sports, my overall competitiveness takes over," Trail admitted. "I just cannot sit down and watch a sport; it is just not in me to."

Trail played exclusively at wide receiver his sophomore year, but after doing well in a drill over the summer, he moved over to defense as well. Trail did not disappoint, and the results speak for themselves.

"I feel like for my first year at defensive end, I had a great year. It was 95 tackles, 22 sacks two interceptions and also seven touchdowns playing some on offense," said Trail.

With most players in south Florida, the first question that comes to mind is "Which one of the Big Three are you going to?" Trail immediately said that is not the case.

"Basically if it is a great program that connects with me and I love the atmosphere after I visit, then you got me," Trail said. "I am not committed to anyone and I do not have a favorite right now. I am open to everyone till I sit down with my family and my Godfather and talk it over."

With all the talent at Booker T Washington again this year, the school is making a name for itself as a perennial supplier of top gridiron talent. Trail has heard a few nicknames for he and his highly regarded teammates.

"ESPN dubbed us the Big 5, calls us the Fabulous Five and Rivals calls us the Fantastic Five. It's me, Eduardo Clements, Ted Meline, Jose Jose, and Quentin Dunbar," said the Miami native.

While the chances of two highly recruited players at one school going to the same college are rare, would five division 1-A recruits even consider playing together at the next level?

"There is a very good chance we all play football together in college, because we have been playing together since we were very young. We don't want to break that apart," he said.

Well this weekend one of the five set the wheels in motion, and committed to the University of Miami. The standout defensive end was shocked to see his teammate decide so soon.

"One of our top five just made a decision to commit, Quinton Dunbar. He committed so soon. He surprised all of us, he did not tell a soul," Trail said. "They asked him in an interview why he decided he said "I just wanted to.' That doesn't seem like a reasonable answer to me."

When Trail makes his decision, he says it will be well thought out and it will be a done deal. He knows what he is looking for, and it has a lot to do with his life off the field.

"My decision will also be based on who has my agricultural major because I want to be a veterinarian after football. Also anybody with top academics and a family oriented program will stand out as well," Trail said.

When will the 6-foot-8 three sport star be making his decision?

"Signing Day," Trail said immediately.

With seven offers now, his options will definitely increase over the next couple of months. Another out of state power may join in soon as well.

"I just received a written letter from Southern Cal today, so it's nice to know I am on their recruiting list," he admitted.

Trail says there is someone in his life who has been an inspiration to his success, although maybe not as much as he says.

"My brother said I should thank him for all of this," laughed Trail. "He basically taught me everything I know, which is one-fourth of the truth."

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