March 19, 2009

Nashville's top RB looking at several schools

"Recruiting is going fine, just taking it one step at a time. A lot of schools have sent me letters, but Vanderbilt has shown the most interest. The University of Tennessee and Georgia has shown a lot of interest as well. I have yet to receive an offer from a school, but I'm not letting that get to me. I'm just going to be patient about it.

"I have interest in many schools, UT, Vandy, Georgia, Illinois, and UCLA, in no particular order.

With Tennessee, the thought of rebuilding the program with the new staff sticks out. Also I have been a UT fan since Tee Martin was there.

Vanderbilt is on the come up, and I feel I have a good opportunity over there to come in and play a good role. The academics are good over at Vanderbilt as well.

With Georgia, Coach Richt is what is attracting me there. He seems like a great guy that really cares for the players. Their tradition is good as well.

With Illinois, they were one of the first schools to send letters of interest. I like the state, and their program has been pretty successful in the past years.

"And with UCLA, I am very attracted to the city of Los Angeles. It seems like a great place to be. Being able to play with an offensive coordinater like Norm Chow would be wonderful as well. I am still trying to find out more about them."

"I am attending Vanderbilt's Junior Day this Saturday. As for camps, I know that I will be attending a few. My family and I, have not decided which one yet, but that decision should be made soon. And as far as visits go, I should be going to a couple of spring practices. I'm hoping I can go out to California in April to check out their spring practice, but there will be no problem with the visits in-state."

"Some factors would be like the relationship with the head coach and staff, academics, playing time, community, and success level of the team. Those are some of the factors, but the major one is the relationship with the head coach and staff.

"I would like to feel wanted at wherever I am at."

"Overall, I felt the season went great. It was a big milestone for us to go 10-0 in the regular season, even though we didn't reach our goal, which was to win the state championship. We all grew a bond with every player on the team, and the chemistry was built throughout the season.

"I believe I did well this season. I give a lot of thanks to my offensive line, because if it wasn't for them, I wouldn't have gotten close to the stats that were reached. I believe I can only get better from here on out. It is not an option for my skills to decrease. I want them to increase."

"I think we still have a good shot at the state title [this coming fall]. I know that we are settling for nothing less."

"I think some of my strengths are that I want to get downhill. My strength is also a strength, I believe. I think I am also good at carrying the load and I am a good teammate.

"I believe that something I need to work on is speed, and I am addressing that by running track. Also, I want to develop better footwork."


"I have pondered on many majors. I have not found a set major, but some are business management, communications, computer science. Those are just some to name a few, but I got a little time to make a set choice."

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