March 25, 2009

Howland reflects - Part II

In Part two, UCLA head coach Ben Howland is asked a lot of questions about his soon to be sophomore class. The first question asked, is on center J'mison Morgan, who came to UCLA with much promise. Team leadership and much more are also discussed.

How did Bobo (J'mison Morgan) develop this season and what would your expectations be for him next year?

Howland: "I expect him to play next year based on how has come on late and it is hard because people are saying 'well he didn't even play.' Well, really he was the guy behind Drew Gordon that played behind Alfred Aboya and I was really pleased with his practices and the one practice that we had in Philadelphia. That was where Drew Gordon couldn't practice and play in the first game. He did a great job for us and he's had moments like that.

"I read something, I don't where it was or who interviewed him, but he has really, really had some mature comments that he made recently in an article that came by my desk and I can't remember what paper it was in, but I was really pleased with that from the standpoint of the comments he made…"

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