April 9, 2009

Carter catches glimpse of TCU

When TCU took the field last Saturday for their spring game, there wer a handful of the Horned Frogs remaining targets on hand. One of them was Katy Morton Ranch signal caller, Sam Carter. PurpleMenace.Com caught up with Carter to get his thoughts on the game and TCU in general.

"It went good" said Carter. "I liked th parts I was able to see, I didn't get to see a lot of the campus though. An official visit might be an option so that I can get a better look at everything."

With multiple offers on the table, Carter thought he was getting close to narrowing it down but new offers continued to come in for the talented signal caller.

"I was starting to narrow it down but more offers kept coming in" said Carter. "I guess I'm taking it kind of slow now because i don't want to miss out on any other offers, I'm opening it back up."

With offers on the table from schools such as TCU, Oklahoma State, Baylor, Houston, SMU and just recently, New Mexico, Carter has plenty of options to choose from. So what did TCU show him, if anything, that would make them stand out in his mind?

"I really liked TCU's offense" he said. "I like how they run the zone read plays, the quick passes and the occasional deep passes. Our offense is like that and I could see myself in that offense making plays like their quarterback does. I really like how they let the quarterback keep it on run plays, that really caught my eye."

Even with the conservative nature of the spring game, it looks like the Frogs showed Carter enough to give him something to think about.

"I think TCU has everything I'm looking for" said Carter. "They play great football and they graduate more than 80% of their players, that's what I'm looking for. I want to get my masters degree while I'm in school and maybe go to the NFL and TCU would give me the opportunity to do that. Another thing is that they win games and that fits me, I like to win."

With the offense appealing to the dual threat athlete from Houston, how does he see himself fitting into what TCU does on that side of the ball?

"Well, I consider myself a dual threat guy" said Carter. "I can beat defenses with my arm and if they decide to give me the run, I can beat them that way too. I think I would do well in their offense."

After spending his last three seasons and Sharpstown high school in Houston, the 2010 prospect will now take his game to a new school, Katy Morton Ranch. How does he plan on getting acclimated to his new surroundings?

"Well, for one thing, the school is bigger and there are a lot more kids" said Carter. "I like Sharpstown but at in Katy, everyone wants to be successful and I see it as a great challenge. I'm not saying anything bad about Sharpstwon, they have good people there too but Katy Morton Ranch seems to be a little different. Everyone talks about Katy(Tigers) around here and Morton Ranch has never made the playoffs. I want to beat Katy, makes it to the playoffs and wins state, all for the first time on school history, I just look at it as another challenge."

With the national perception starting to turn more to the notion that Non-BCS schools can compete with the BCS schools on a weekly basis, Carter mentioned that he doesn't care what conference a team plays in, it's all about heart.

"I don't care what conference you play in" said Carter. "Anybody can beat a team like USC or Florida on any given Saturday, it's all about heart. TCU wins games, that's all that matters, they have beaten some very good teams and they can play with anyone. I think they've won like 11 bowls out of their last 12 or something like that, that's very impressive."

With such glowing remarks in favor of the Frogs, it will be interesting to see how Carter's recruitiment plays out. With the Frogs clearly in the mix, stay tuned to PurpleMenace.Com for all of the latest news as it peratins to Carter's recruitment. With 5 commitments in the fold and only 11 to 12 slots left in this class, it will be fun to watch how things go down the stretch.

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