April 23, 2009

Aggies wrap up spring drills on Kyle Field

In what is turning into a tradition under head coach Mike Sherman at Texas A&M is ending spring drills with a water balloon fight. Only this year it went a little bit different. Instead of offense against defense, it was the players taking aim at the coaches.

All except Sherman of course.

"Before (practice) I talk to the team and I bring them out and the coaches are out here and I just told them, 'Boy, it's been a long spring. I'm sure you guys have a lot of pent up frustration with our coaches and I don't want you to go away with that. I want you to get it out of your system so take one of these water balloons and go get your coach with it,'" Sherman said. "They accommodated and I did have one rule. I said, 'If I get one drop of water on me they'd be running on the field until there was nothing left in their stomachs.' I did make it through the event dry."

The Aggie players rushed out onto Kyle Field Thursday with water balloons in hand, pelting position coaches who were waiting on the field thinking that practice was just about to begin. The barrage of water balloons led to what ended up being a very spirited final day of spring drills for A&M.

And it was that type of competition that made spring feel like a success to Sherman despite the fact that numerous players missed the spring due to injury, especially with three presumed starters on the offensive line out. And for the record, the defense won Thursday, again, 130-111.

"The big thing about this spring was just getting them to compete. I didn't feel like we had that last year to the degree we needed to have that at. It's important when you come out on this field or on the practice field to win, and I like to look at every practice like it's a game," Sherman said. "When we come out here in front of our fans and I reminded them that the next time we come out here for a game it's going to be against New Mexico possibly on a nationally televised game. It's just something for them to think about, but the competition out here was much more intense than it was last year and that part was a positive."

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