May 11, 2009

Cardinal Jones Chronicles

Cardinal Jones Works-It-Out:

In these photos and the clips linked below, these details the core strength and alternative cross-training regiment I've been going through for the last 3 weeks.

This training has been done on the weekends, in the midst of playing baseball, and running track. Due to this training, and lifting weights for an hour and a half per day, I have gained strength, weight, and speed.

Currently weighing 183 pounds, I will push to enter camp at 190 pounds in August, while increasing my speed.

Jones workout video #1

Jones workout video #2

Jones workout video #3

Gainesville will end its spring practice on May 15th, with the annual "Red Elephant" scrimmage. Rumor mill has it that 10+ collegiate teams will be in attendance to watch GHS' multiple Division I prospects in action.

Pictures and video clips of me in action will accompany a summary of the progress made this spring. Lastly, stay tuned for details outlining summer workouts forthcoming with friends from the Washington Redskins and former Dallas Cowboy greats!!

Gainesville Football is poised for a great season and I can't wait to dawn the Red & White in 2009!!

Cardinal Jones' Interview with Jarrod West:

Q: What influences or internal drive is pushing you to become the best wide receiver you can be presently?

A: I play the game for the love and the passion. I want to be the best receiver because if I wasn't trying to become the best I would be selling myself short. What game do you play not to become the best?

Q: Tell us about your work ethic and what separates you from every other athlete striving to accomplish what you have done thus far?

A: I'm weight training, speed training, and working out running routes as often as I can. Every time I lift, I lift to get that much stronger. Every time I train, I'm trying to get that much faster. Every time I run a route, I run it like it's my last. I use all my will power and god given talent to the fullest to make sure that no one will out work me.

Q: Can you imagine yourself in the Cardinal uniform making plays for Stanford?

A: Yes, I can see myself in a Stanford jersey. It is a great school where I can learn and get one of the best educations in the country, while making plays for a big time football program in front of thousands.

Q: What NFL wide receiver do you wish your style of play most resembled and why?

A: Larry Fitzgerald because he's not the fastest guy in the world but he is known for catching every ball that's near him and going up and making plays using his athleticism and big body.

Q: What position do academics hold in the realm of big time college football?

A: I have heard from many coaches and many people that my football career will end at some point. It's a fact. Whether it ends being the best college player for a big time college or one of the greatest in the NFL, it will end. I would like to be remembered for what I do after football. Succeeding academically will set me up for a great job making a lot of money. No matter how sports end up, a great education will always set you up for a better life.

Q: 2009 - What attributes do you want to develop on the field? What accomplishments in the classroom would you like to achieve?

A: I want to develop my footwork and fundamentals as a receiver so that on the field I will be known as the receiver that runs great routs and catches everything, even the impossible. In the classroom, I want to be my high school's scholar athlete and maintain my 4.0 GPA, or higher, on every report card. In college I would like to be an Academic and Athletic All-American.

Q: How important is post-college career options? Network? Contacts?

A: Post- college career options are very important in getting opportunities. The more people you know that specialize in a specific area, the easier it is to get connections in that field so that you can achieve to the fullest in whatever you are trying to do.

Q: Do you believe the coaching staff at Stanford University can prepare you for the NFL?

A: Yes I believe the coaching staff at Stanford can prepare you for the NFL because they have many connections with the NFL and former players that have been there and can show you what it takes to make it there. Plus playing in the Pac-10 you will play against great competition and many other athletes that will also be in the NFL.

Q: When you become a Cardinal what legacy would you aspire to leave in Palo Alto, CA?

A: I would try to become a great role model for others and try to inspire others through my hard work and dedication in everything I do.

Q: What's the number one criticism that you have endured regarding Stanford Football? What are the best encouraging remarks you have received regarding your Cardinal offer?

A: There are not many criticisms that I can think of. It's proven to be one of the best all-around schools in the country and if people don't realize that, then I don't know what people are looking at.

Q: During your visit to Palo Alto in June, what are some the key issues you would like to address, to confirm your decision to attend or not attend Stanford University/Play for the Cardinal?

A: What are the professors like, who will I be spending the next couple of years with, do I fit in with these people, will I see them as family, how do I get along with the coaching staff and most importantly players who I will be spending most of my time with, What are the facilities like, are they close together and easy to get to, classroom size, the campus, and if I think I will enjoy my college experience there.

Q: Do you feel by playing for Stanford that you will compromise your talent or miss out on an opportunity to play in big games and be recognized by the NFL?

A: No because if you are a NFL player it doesn't matter what college you played for, you are a NFL player. Plus Stanford will give you a great chance at playing in the NFL. They produce many NFL athletes.

Q: What will be the final determining point, fact, or feeling that will determine what school is the ultimate choice for you?

A: What school will fit me best, have the most interest in me, give me the best opportunities at life, and have me ready for the NFL, a job, or any other decisions I'm going to have to make in life.

Cardinal Jones' Review

I conversed with Jarrod on the phone this evening and secured a very good impression of his personality and desire to excel.

Jarrod is focused, has a great work ethic, and is self-motivated. Academics are important to him, as well as a competitive collegiate athletic program. Jarrod understands that football will come to an end eventually, and when it does, he aspires to be remembered as a terrific "student-athlete".

The heavily regarded Cardinal degree has peaked West's highest interest in Stanford, and Jarrod completely acknowledges what Stanford can offer him both academically and athletically.

The 6'2 receiver, sporting a 3.9 GPA, has plans to visit the Farm in late June. Jarrod says that there's nothing like seeing a campus with your own eyes and getting an initial impression first hand.

His offer list includes multiple schools such as Maryland, Vanderbilt, and Northwestern, and the list appears to be growing rapidly. Jarrod claims no front-runner to date, but the Cardinal offer will secure high priority as he narrows his list by the end of May.

West is a player possessing great stature and ability, potential to stretch the field, creating coverage mismatches on smaller corner backs, and will relieve pressure off of other Cardinal playmakers.

I feel Jarrod would be a great addition to the Cardinal family and have a chance to make a big impact early in his collegiate career.

He will not only be a great addition to the Cardinal family as an athlete, but also as a person and role model, leaving a lasting impression for future Stanford recruits.

Cardinal Energy Boost: For most people, it's not what they are that holds them back. It's what they think they're not. -- John Maxwell

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Cardinal Jones

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