May 18, 2009

SW Dekalb's Malcome will soon narrow field

DECATUR - The list of schools interested in SW Dekalb's Kendrun Malcome keeps getting longer, so long in fact that the talented running back is getting ready to narrow the field.

According to Malcome, at some point this summer, he's going to reduce the field to six before really starting to focus on what college he wants to attend.

"I'm not sure when, but it will be sometime this summer," Malcome told UGASports after a recent scrimmage at this school. "As far as what school I'm most interested in, I'm still undecided."

The number of big-time school with offers already on the table is indeed an impressive one.

Among his 11 offers, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, Miami, Michigan, Clemson, Oklahoma and Florida State are some of the more impressive.

"There are some big-time schools," said Malcome, the nation's 31st-ranked running back according to "It's just a matter now of trying to find the one I like best."

To do that, the 6-foot, 210-pounder plans on taking several visits to camps over the summer to try and gauge which school might be the best fit.

But so far, he has no idea where that might be.

"Honestly, right now I don't know," he said. "But I'll be probably looking at the schools which are closer. If I can get in a car, ride just two or three hours, I'll be a lot fresher than I'd be than getting in a car for a 12-13-hour straight ride. I might be a little sluggish."

Malcome, who attended the NIKE Combine in Athens, indicated he would likely attend the Georgia camp scheduled for June 13.

He didn't completely rule out Big Ten schools Michigan and Ohio State, either, and didn't seem put off by the idea of playing in conditions that get much colder than they do in Atlanta and North Georgia.

"I don't think it would be a big deal," Malcome said. "You play football in all sorts of weather, rain, sleet, snow. … You just go out and play."

Malcome showed why so many schools would love to have him after rushing for 114 yards on just three carries, an effort that included an 80-yard touchdown run.

"I know I've still got a lot to improve on," Malcome said. "I can still get stronger and still keep my speed. I just want to show people that I can be one of the best backs in the state."

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