May 20, 2009

Freshman Profile: Demonte McAllister

Picture Demonte McAllister as a wide receiver. That would be like asking Everette Brown or Corey Simon to run a fly pattern. But, it wasn't that long ago that the soon to be Seminole was a rising wide receiver in the Tampa area. That was, until he ran his first route.

"In high school, I was playing wide receiver because I was lean and tall, I was a good 220," McAllister said. "They tried me at wide receiver. I was the only freshman at the 7-on-7 game. They said, oh this freshman thinks he can play. I burnt all the DBs and they threw a 60 yard pass to me and I dropped it and dirtied my shirt. They said, you can't play wide receiver. So I played tight end and went back to fullback. Then they saw me bully some kid, and said, you should play defensive end."

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