May 22, 2009

Trey Zeigler talks AAU season and recruiting

Trey Zeigler is not a new name to any Chippewa fan. Ever since Coach Zeigler was named head coach, CMU fans have heard about the coach's son, who at the time, was a nationally ranked incoming freshman.

Three years have passed and now Trey is a mature junior in high school with Kansas, Michigan, LSU, Providence, Miami FL, Dayton, UCLA, Michigan State, Arizona State, Minnesota, Arizona, Oklahoma, and yes, CMU among others all after his services.

All of those colleges have offered him already besides Kansas and Dayton. Having your choice of basically any division one school in the country must be hard. So it's a good thing Trey has someone who knows what he is doing helping him.

"I would be lost without him, my dad has helped me so much though all of this, I look to him for guidance," Trey said.

Trey has a big advantage over most high school kids being recruited to college because of his dad being a Division One head coach.

"He helps my overall game, everything I know, I learned from him."

But there are some disadvantages too.

"He knows everything," Trey smiled and continued. "So there is no questioning his authority about basketball."

With that being said, Trey hasn't ruled out playing for his father. When asked if he thinks about playing for his dad at CMU, Trey was quick with his answer.

"I think about it a lot, very much. CMU is moving in the right direction, so why not?" Trey said. "I have not ruled out anything at this point."

With his situation being as it is, you may wonder, how does CMU actively recruit him?

"I do get letters from them, no calls though; but I do see the entire staff every day."

Having so many schools after you can be overwhelming, but Trey has a plan.

"I hope to have a list of 3 to 5 schools by the end of the summer, and then take my official visits," Trey said. "I would like to commit before the high school season starts, if I can, but I will not rush it. If I don't have a good feel for where I want to go, I will wait."

Though there is no question Trey's college future is bright, there is still work for him to do.

"I'm working with a personal trainer right now, and I'm trying to get stronger. I am going to keep working and keep improving my overall game. There is still work to be done."
Trey also has some work left to do before he leaves high school.

"We have won 4 district titles in a row and got to 4 regional finals in a row," Trey said. "All of that is great, but I want to get past that. I am going to do everything I can to get our team over the hump and my number one goal hasn't changed. I want to win a state championship."

While a state title would be great, that is still a long way off. Right now, Trey stays very
busy with his AAU schedule as he plays for Team Detroit and is also a member of the under 17 Adidas Nation team.

"AAU is going well, we are playing well, and I am really looking to play well these next two weeks."

This coming weekend, Trey and Team Detroit will be at the Bob Gibbons Classic, the biggest AAU spring event. Next weekend, he will leave his Team Detroit teammates to go to Portland for practice with the Adidas Nation team.

Even with it being more then a year away, Trey knows what he wants out of college.

"I want to go somewhere I am comfortable with the players and the coaching staff, and a place where I have a chance to compete for playing time, and ultimately a national title."

Another role that Trey has unofficially played is as a recruiter himself. Playing with or against a lot of top players from around the state and the nation, Trey knows a lot of college prospects. A lot of CMU recruits have mentioned talking to Trey, including 2010 commit Derek Jackson. So the question has to be asked, what does he talk to them about?

"With Derek, it wasn't really about basketball. It was just a friendship," Trey said. "With the other guys, they will ask me questions and I will just tell them they can trust my dad, that he will look after them. He's a genuine guy, and if they come here, they will see that the guys stay together and it is a family atmosphere. Plus, the program is clearly moving forward."

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