June 16, 2009

Cornileus has co-favorites

Stephenson high school linebacker Tyrone Cornileus created quite a stir at the Georgia Tech camp last Saturday when he failed to show up on campus. He had been scheduled to leave for Miami for a visit, but his flight arrangements changed and he found himself stranded in Florida for a few extra days and unable to attend the Yellow Jackets' camp.

"Saturday I was supposed to go to Georgia Tech, but we had some miscommunication within my family about a flight arrangement, so I ended up missing the Georgia Tech camp," he said. "I had to catch a flight back from Miami much later than I had planned as well."

Cornileus felt so bad about missing the camp, he plans to visit the school as soon as he is able to set something up.

"I want to get another visit A.S.A.P. to Georgia Tech since I missed the camp," he added. "I need to get there immediately."

The Yellow Jackets and South Carolina want Cornileus as a hybrid player who can play the run, but also is better at pass coverage than a normal linebacker.

"South Carolina and Georgia Tech are looking at me as a hybrid safety/linebacker," he said. "Besides them, everyone else is looking at me as an outside linebacker. A lot of coaches love me at linebacker, but they believe I have the ability to be a great safety."

The Gamecocks impressed Cornileus during a recent visit.

"I have been taking a few trips to colleges. I actually went to one-day camp at South Carolina," he said. "I camped there as a safety and I kind of got used to playing at the safety spot. All the coaches there were cool like Steve Spurrier Jr., coach Lorenzo Ward and I had a good time there."

Despite all the snafus with his schedule, the Yellow Jackets are still on top of his board next to Miami.

"My top schools are Georgia Tech, South Carolina, Miami, Auburn and Michigan in no order," Cornileus said. "It is tough picking between Miami and Georgia Tech. They are right side by side, so it is hard for me to pick one over the other. Right now it is not about the school, it is up to me going where I feel the most comfortable."

Playing time and his role on the team are of vital importance to Cornileus as well, in his recruiting.

"I want to go to a school that is not just recruiting me to fill a need. I want to go to a school that is wants me for more than an extra body," Cornileus added. "I am not saying that in a cocky way, but I want to be somewhere where I will be used and I am not an extra body on the sideline."

The trip to Miami went very well over the weekend vaulting the Canes into the top position along with Georgia Tech.

"Miami went very well and there is a lot of competition down there," he said. I got a chance to work with some of the different coaches and see how their coaching styles are. I had fun. I stayed down there Friday and I got back last night. I had a chance to have some fun down there and enjoy the city as well as the camp."

The timetable for a decision could be a month or so because Cornileus wants to make a few more visits.

"I think I will commit sometime in July," he said. "I definitely want to visit some more schools before I commit. My top schools are Georgia Tech and Miami. I would like to take another trip to South Carolina. I also like Auburn. I would also like to get up to Michigan. They are one of my most recent offers. I like that school a lot.

One of the biggest pluses for the Yellow Jackets in Cornileus' recruiting is his relationship with the coaching staff.

"The coaches at all of the schools are basically trying to persuade me to commit there. Georgia Tech has been working on me since day one," Cornileus said. "I call the coaches, find out what is going on at the school as far as workouts there, and stuff. They enrich me about what is going on at Georgia Tech."

Cornileus breaks down his top team:

Georgia Tech: I love Georgia Tech and they have been one of my top schools ever since I was a kid. I have always wanted to be an engineer too. I want to go into chemical engineering, so I love their engineering program. It is a good school all-around and their academics have been on the rise. Last year they had a very good season and I am confident that coach Johnson will have another great football team. The coaches connect with the players really well and it is a good school. The one thing that sticks out about Georgia Tech is the academics.

Miami: With Miami, I love the tradition. The have a great tradition of getting players in the NFL. I believe they are coming back strong and will have a much better season. They got a good coaching staff down there, I have a good relationship with them and they the coaches seem to have a good relationship between one another. I feel like they are a very together staff and they will be on the rise. I like their academics as well.

South Carolina: I have known coach Steve Spurrier since I was little. I used to go down to Florida to the football camps when he was the coach. When he left I still went there, but it was not the same. I really enjoy coach Spurrier as a coach because he knows what he is doing. Coach Ward is a really good coach. They treat the players very well and the camp was really full. It is a good school for me.

Auburn: I have been on Auburn's radar for a while now. Coach Tommy Thigpen and I connect very well. I took a trip down there in the spring and enjoyed myself, but they play very physical style and I am more of a quick guy.

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