June 19, 2009

Top Players From the Baylor Camps

After six days of football camps this month that has included top talent from across the country including a local five star talent, a few four star rivals 100 members, and many other top notch players from Texas, Louisiana, California, and Mississippi.

This is SicEmSports' rankings of the top individual performances from the two weeks of camps.

SicEmSports.com Hot 11

11. [br]Darian Godfrey[/br]

There were many top notch quarterbacks throughout the two weeks, but for the type of player that Baylor is looking for at the position, none of them performed better than "Stump." He is hurt by his size which is right at six feet, but he moves well and is able to throw a strong accurate pass rolling to either side. He is likely not a player that is going to lead a team in rushing, but he is able to make plays with his feet when things break down around him. Coming from Gilmer's offense he has experience playing in a spread system and is further along as a passer than most duel threat quarterbacks at this stage.

Bradley Miller is a big receiver in a tight end's body. He runs very well for a player his size and looks very natural catching the ball. He is able to slow down and accelerate well out of his breaks and caught every ball thrown to him. Blocking ability could be an issue for him because he doesn't play the position in high school, but he has the frame to add more bulk which will help him against Big 12 defensive ends.

Johnson was able to show everything that makes him such a skilled receiver. He was able to use his size and strength to battle even the most physical defensive backs, and he used his deceptive speed to run past a group of very fast corners.

If you didn't know Elisha Olabode was a very good player by watching him, then just wait a little while and he'll tell you himself. His skills on the field are only matched by talking he does between plays, but he is able to back it up by locking down nearly every receiver he faced. He is a little undersized, but he is physical and plays the ball better than most other corners.

Woods is big, he's physical, he's tough, and most importantly he's smart. The center is the captain of the line, and there are few better suited for that than Woods. He always knew what was going on with the other players, he responded to all the coaching that was given to him, and few players could get by him.

Whether you line him up at linebacker or defensive end, Lowell Williams is likely going to be the most athletic player out there at that position. He's very quick and is able to move well in space. He's a tweener that could play either position. He is a little undersized for a defensive end, but he gets up field so quickly that tackles can't get their hands on him. How he grows and develops will determine everything.

5. [b]Dedrin Jones[/b]

Jones has been flying under the radar, and it can be easy to be overlooked with all the talent at Steele high school, but when he participated in Baylor's camp Sunday he held his own against the top receivers at the event. He competed against Lache Seastrunk and Tristan Holt who had both moved to receiver and won both matchups. At about six feet he has good size and power, and the recovery speed to make up for any mistakes.

Jolly was one of the few players at the camps with an offer from the Bears, and he displayed why he deserved it. He was the top receiver over the two weeks of camps. He displayed top notch athleticism during the position drills, and was able to get open against every defensive back in the one on one drills. He has good height and better speed than many people think. He just needs to add weight to his frame.

Aaron Davis was like a bowling ball rolling downhill. At about six feet tall he doesn't have the ideal size for the position, but was able to use his speed and power to get by any player trying to block him. Not only was he never stopped that day, but he was rarely ever slowed down. He's quick off the line and able to penetrate and disrupt plays in the backfield.

Everyone already knows how skilled Ahmad Dixon is and that he is one of the top safeties in the country. What somewhat surprised me was how strong in man coverage he actually is. He didn't give any receiver a cushion, and he wasn't afraid to wall up to the line and play every player close. With his strength and physicality he was able to knock every player off their route, and when the ball was in the air he usually came down with it.

What I liked the most about Tristan Holt is that he's a pretty big corner, but he plays with somewhat of a small man's mindset. He has a chip on his shoulder against every player he competes against and he typically wins every time. He didn't back down from anyone and even looked pretty good playing receiver. He should be physically ready to step in and play as a true frehman.


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