August 5, 2009

Q & A with Sanders Commings

Sanders Commings is coming off a redshirt season, but defensive coordinator Willie Martinez has big plans for the Augusta native.

Inside, Commings sat down to talk about his preseason and what he expects this upcoming fall.

First of all, what position do they have you playing at?

They have me playing at safety right now.

Free or strong?


Okay, so I know last year you were practicing a lot at the nickel back, is that still happening?

Well, you know I was just really filling in until we got some guys that could come in and play it.

Definitely, at free are you and everyone else playing about the same amount of reps?

Yeah, I'm running with the twos, for the most part me and (Baccari) Rambo.

What about special teams?

They (the coaches) are trying to use all the defensive backs and the skill players, so I'll probably be bouncing around a lot.

Well I know last year it seemed like the linebackers were making a lot of big plays, and Coach (Mark) Richt said in his conference today that (Daryl) Gamble was part of four turnovers yesterday. However, today he said that you were one of the guys that caused a turnover.

Yeah we were in a cover two, and I made a play on the ball.

Well with that in mind, have they been pushing that a lot this year? I know last year there weren't as many game changing plays on defense as you would have liked.

That is definitely one of the coaches' main focus, getting more turnovers.

What have you been working on to do that?

We've been practicing with a lot more intensity than last year. Everybody is sprinting to the ball, getting to the ball. I lot more ball drills.

I know in high school you were in the return game some, have you been working on that at all?

I've been catching some punts, but so have a lot of other people.

Finally, with you at a new position, is anybody really standing out?

Everybody is doing good, all the young guys coming in are doing good.

Is Bryan Evans doing well adjusting to free safety?

Yes he is, he has handled the change real well.

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