August 11, 2009

Wommack talks about the defense

Georgia Tech's defensive coordinator has a lot of things on his mind during fall camp including the development of the new wolf position and positional battles in the two-deep at almost every position. Jacketsonline caught up with Dave Wommack to see how the defense looks so far and which true freshmen are catching his attention.

After looking at the defense for the last couple of days and in the scrimmage on Saturday what are the things you need to work on?

"We need to clean up our effort, linemen assignment, tackling just like it always is after any scrimmage. We did some good things and we flew around a lot. Our ones only had six mental errors, which means that they kept that limited. It also means the other guys had a lot more mental errors."

Have any of the true freshmen defenders caught your attention?

"Jemea Thomas is going to be a really good player when it starts clicking for him. He is like any freshman after five or six days. Going into the scrimmage with only five practices under his belt, he did some really good things. He flies to the ball for the hit. He is very instinctive, but it is the assignments with him right now. He needs to go back and get it on the 18th, 19th or 20th time we tell him. I thought Rod Sweeting showed up some in the scrimmage at corner. Julian Burnett and Izaan Cross are also guys who stood out to me during the scrimmage who were freshmen."

How is the development of the wolf position coming along?

"I think it is like everything else and they are on the same pace as everyone else. They have a long ways to go as a defensive unit and that spot has a long ways to go too. When we play the wolf or the husky in there, we have several combinations of guys we can put in there. We can go with more speed on the field with that spot and we are doing more of that this week."

How is true freshman Brandon Watts doing with his adjustment to the wolf?

"He was not here over the summer so that makes a difference; he is probably a lot further behind than a lot of the freshmen."

Where does Mario Edwards fit into the plans and how has his injury affected what you do in practice?

"We were actually working a lot of nickel today and we will do the same for the rest of the week. I want him to be out there as soon as possible so he can stay with it and get the fundamentals of what we are trying to do. If he had to sit out for a practice this was probably a good one."

Do you feel like the cornerback situation is becoming a position of strength for the team?

"I think it will be when it is all said and done and we get consistent. We are just not as consistent as we need to be by game time, which is understandable, but they are getting there and working on it. Coach Kelly is doing a really good job with all of those guys."

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