August 16, 2009

Eubanks assesses the offensive line

Center Rafael Eubanks saw some positives and some things the offensive line needs to improve upon today, but overall said the team's first scrimmage was a step forward. Eubanks talks about the offensive line's progress, playing on the new turf at Kinnick Stadium, lining up against Iowa's defensive line in practice everyday, and more.

Q: How did you think it went today?

EUBANKS: It was a good experience out here. Obviously, we did some good things, did some bad things. We'll kind of see tomorrow when we watch the tape.

Q: You're right in the middle of it and the first team offense made some plays today. Did anything stick out in particular?

EUBANKS: No, I just think when we had our chance to make some plays, we did. I think our protection was a little bit better than we normally have in our first scrimmage. I think that was our biggest thing coming out was getting our pass protection down.

Q: What's the consensus on the team with the new turf?

EUBANKS: You know, we're still getting used to it. This is only probably our second or third time out here and it's our first time actually getting out here and playing football, so it's going to be a thing to get used to but once you're playing football, it's pretty much playing football.

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