September 13, 2009

DePriest wowed by the wild scene

Saturday night's game against USC was a great backdrop for a recruiting weekend and even though the home team lost a heartbreaker it didn't take away from the frenzy of the 'Shoe and that made a great impression on many of the region's top recruits in the class of 2011.

Springfield (Ohio) linebacker Trey DePriest made the trip to the game and was blown away by what he saw and enjoyed the experience of the night game and overall enthusiasm displayed by everyone around the game.

"It was wild," DePriest said. "It was really loud and crazy."

Despite Ohio State dropping an 18-15 decision on a final quarter drive the 6-foot-2, 223 pound linebacker had a rooting interest in the game and felt that the outcome could have definitely turned out in favor of the Buckeyes.

"I thought that USC should have never won," DePriest pointed out. "I thought O-State played kind of conservative."

With all of that being said DePriest felt quite privileged to be at a game of that magnitude and can see that his work on the field of play is starting to pay off with some of the bigger programs in the nation taking notice of his play and hard work.

"I would rate it up there because they invited me to the game and it was a big game so it was great being there," DePriest said. "It was really big."

Several other class of 2010 and 2011 recruits that were at the game marveled about the noise, plus how the Horseshoe was nearly ready to explode for the three plus hours of the game. It was a great setting for a football game regardless of the final score.

"This game was unlike any I have ever seen before," DePriest said. "It was the biggest game that I have ever gone too and the loudest."

Does the visit itself do anything to chance DePriest's interest or perception of Ohio State?

"It was already good and they played hard," DePriest said. "I still think that they should have won."

There has always been a fear around recruiting fans that the outcome of a single game could change the intentions of a recruit in a drastic fashion. With so many big time players in attendance does DePriest believe that there is something to that belief or that it is just a large misconception?

"They are just wrong about that," DePriest said. "Everybody loses and it is not like USC was the better team in that game."

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