September 17, 2009

Georgia OL hearing from UA

The state of Georgia has produced plenty of elite offensive linemen in recent years and the class of 2011 looks to be loaded once again with powerful prospects. Pope High School guard Thomas O'Reilly looks to be among the state's most heavily recruited linemen with both in-state and out of state schools already paying plenty of attention to the 6-foot-4, 315-pound prospect.

"I've been hearing from Georgia Tech and Georgia as well as Vanderbilt and Alabama. I'm pretty excited that Alabama's showing some interest and I definitely feel like I need to learn more about them so I plan on going to a game this year."

While O'Reilly has more experience with the offense run by Paul Johnson at Georgia Tech, that doesn't necessarily make them the front-runners for O'Reilly's signature.

"We run a triple option offense at my school so obviously Georgia Tech would probably be a pretty good fit for me. I know the system, I know what makes it work. Georgia Tech's academic reputation is also something I really like."

"I don't know a whole lot about Alabama but I know they are all about power football. When you think about the triple option, for an offensive lineman it's basically a power running game so as far as the offense goes, Alabama would be a good fit as well."

"Vandy is a great school. I've been there a few times to see games and in addition to the great academics and the fact that they play in the SEC, it's also in an awesome city. Nashville has everything so going to Vandy would probably be a great overall college experience."

Meanwhile, O'Reilly and his Pope teammates are in their second year with a new head coach and are already seeing tremendous improvement on the field.

"Last year was our first year with our new coach and we went from 1-9 the previous year up to 4-6. This year we have almost everyone coming back because we played so many younger guys a year ago and the team is really starting to come together. We won our first game big and then our last two games have both been close losses to two of the best teams in the state. I feel like we're definitely a lot more competitive this year."

"We had 40 Division I coaches come to our school in the spring so I feel like I've had some opportunities to show what I can do. Hopefully my performance this fall and at summer camps next year will show some college coaches that I can play at the next level."

O'Reilly boasts a 585-pound squat and a 340-pound bench press.

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