October 9, 2009

Jackets show Johnson love

For top ranked safety Isaiah Johnson picking Georgia Tech as his college of choice was all about home. Johnson felt at home on the Tech campus and he is feeling the love from the Jackets' coaching staff and enjoys his final season at Sandy Creek High School. After making his decision several months ago, Johnson is fully committed to the Jackets.

So far this season Johnson has been at every Georgia Tech home game watching the team and following the defensive scheme. Johnson has enjoyed watching the Jackets play this year, but he would like to see someone at safety step up and play on Morgan Burnett's level.

"I went three Georgia Tech games so far. I was at the North Carolina, Jacksonville State and Clemson," Johnson said. "Morgan Burnett is my favorite college player and he is always doing his thing. The other guys are a bit shaky, but I know they will pick it up."

After watching the Georgia Tech play this year, Johnson can envision himself playing next year and he feels like he has something to offer the other players in the secondary as well.

"I look forward to helping them out next year. They can teach me and maybe in return I can teach them something too," he said.

Johnson is extremely pleased with the caliber of recruits in the Tech class for 2010 that will be his future teammates next summer.

"We are unbelievable with our recruits," Johnson said. "I talk to them every weekend and we try to hangout and talk on the phone and stuff. We are trying to create a little family before we get there."

The Jackets' coaching staff has also been showing Johnson plenty of love even though they already have his verbal commitment for the class.

"The coaches call me once a week and I call them to talk every other day," Johnson said. "They are showing me the same love I show them and I love that."

Unlike some prospects who waffle after making their decision, Johnson is a very at peace with his decision to become at Jackets. One of the biggest factors for Johnson was being close to home so he could share his future success with his family.

"It is awesome being committed and the pressure that was on me at the beginning is relieved," he said. I know in my heart that my home is down the street at Georgia Tech. My mom can come down and see me any time. I got my little sister and the rest of my family who can see me anytime. It is a good thing."

Johnson's Patriots are 4-1 this season following a 43-6 blowout win over Whitewater last week.

"The season is going really well. I am kind of mad at myself because I tied the record for interceptions at my school, but I am trying to beat now. That is my goal along with winning state, region and everything else. I want to get my team involved in everything."

Tonight Johnson will be trying to school's career interception record as they host McIntosh.

"I need one more interception to break the record. I have two this year and I should have five, but stuff happens," Johnson said.

As far as recruiting teammates goes, Johnson has a somewhat hands off approach because he wants his teammates to make their own decisions.

"I talk to my teammates about Tech, but I want them to follow their spirit and pick the place they that will be the best for them."

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