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July 10, 2006

UGA Recruiting Board

UGASports has been working hard and through all their sources have finally compiled what should be considered the most precise look at who Georgia has offered. After talking with players and various contacts we feel this information is very close the UGA coaches' board.

The "Odds" column is our best estimation of whether or not that prospect will sign with UGA on national signing day.

Click here to see the current roster broken down by class.

QUARTERBACK - Need 1, Committed 0
On Campus: Let's be honest, with all the hype surrounding true freshman Matthew Stafford, redshirt freshman Joe Cox, and let's not forget sophomore Blake Barnes, it would seem pretty unlikely that the Bulldogs will be able to sign a big time quarterback for the Class of 2007. However, it might not be just about depth charts anymore in Athens – top rated quarterbacks just want to play for Mark Richt, and who can blame them? His work as quarterbacks coach at FSU prior to coming to Georgia in 2001 speaks for itself (two Heisman Trophy winners and five Seminole QBs drafted in his 14 years in Tallahassee). Big time players are not afraid of competition, and there is no doubt that the Dawgs will sign a top-flight signal caller next February.
Tyrod Taylor
6-1/200/4.55 Hampton, VA list 5%
Logan Gray
6-2/185/4.45 Columbia, MO list 65%
Josh Nesbitt
6-0/204/4.58 Greensboro, GA list 35%
Cameron Newton 6-4/232/4.51 Atlanta, GA list 15%
Recruiting Outlook as of today: It is obvious Georgia is looking for a dual-threat quarterback that can hurt defenses with their arm and legs. All four QB's on the list can do that, but Georgia only has a real shot at two, Gray and Nesbitt.
RUNNING BACK - Need 2, Committed 0
On Campus: The players that make up the "three headed monster" will all be seniors in 2007, and there is only one player behind them on the depth chart—Knowshon Moreno. While the coaching staff would love to grab a couple of solid backs, it is doubtful that they will since most guys these days like to know that they are "the guy". As far as fullback goes, having Brannan Southerland who is just a rising sophomore and two true freshman at the position just arriving on campus, the Dawgs might not bring in a burly back for '07.
Armando Allen
5-9/181/4.31 Hialeah, FL list 50%
Caleb King
5-11/186/4.4 Lilburn, GA list 50%
Enrique Davis
5-11/212/4.39 Lynn Haven, FL list 20%
Jonathan Dwyer
6-0/197/4.38 Marietta, GA list 35%
Recruiting Outlook as of today: Georgia is looking for another back that is the total package. Allen, Dwyer, Davis, and King can all run the ball, catch the ball, make big plays, and make a big impact between the hedges. Georgia has a shot with all of these guys, but they look to be in the best shape with Allen and King at this time.
WIDE RECEIVER - Need 3+, Committed 0
On Campus: While there are some promising freshman and sophomores on the team, okay Mohamed Massaquoi is a bit more than just promising, there is not a lot of past production for the five upperclassmen, save Sean Bailey who will probably miss 2006 with a torn ACL, for Dawg fans to feel to terribly excited about. There is still plenty of time for these guys, but by the time next years signees get their feet wet and get some experience under their belt, these upperclassmen will be gone. Head coach Mark Richt has said repeatedly that he would like to have at least six receivers ready to go at all times, and those close to the program know that he would love to be able to run some four receiver sets from time to time. Therefore, with six underclassmen currently on the roster, Richt and company would love to get at least three potential receivers for next year's class.
Arrelious Benn
6-2/210/4.45 Washington, D.C. list 5%
Deonte Thompson
6-0/180/4.4 Belle Glade, FL list 15%
Alphonso Bryant
6-0/190/4.46 Homestead, FL list 5%
Brandon Gibson
6-2/190/4.53 Mobile, AL list 25%
Ahmad Paige
6-3/175/4.39 Sterlington, LA list 10%
Israel Troupe
6-0/200/4.4 Tifton, GA list 50%
D.J. Donley
6-4/200/4.55 Folkston, GA list 50%
Leonard Hankerson 6-2/185/4.4 Fort Lauderdale, FL list 35%
Taurus McKinley 5-9/163/4.74 Belle Glade, FL list 25%
Maurice Williams 6-0/184/4.47 Erie, PA list 10%
Recruiting Outlook as of today: Georgia is looking for that big time, play making receiver this year and it looks like they have the best chance with Troupe, Donley (he could play on the defensive side of the ball as well), and Hankerson right now.
TIGHT END - Need 1+, Committed 0
On Campus: As is the case with the situation at running back, it is going to be hard for the Bulldogs to expect to bring in more than one tight end this year. But how many do they need? Tripp Chandler has all the markings of a consistent player and is still very young. NaDerris Ward is highly touted and big things are expected, but look for the Dawgs to reel in at least one player at this position.
Christian Ballard
6-4/280/4.75 Lawrence, KS Kansas 50%
Rob Gronkowski
6-6/232/4.8 Williamsville, NY list 10%
Bruce Figgins 6-4/238/4.78 Columbus, GA list 60%
Aron White 6-4/213/4.6 Columbia, MO list 55%
Recruiting Outlook as of today: Tight ends have been a big part of Georgia's offense the past ten years and the Bulldogs hope to add another talented one this year. Georgia has a good shot at landing one of the top tight ends in the South. UGA also has a shot at White, but they are recruiting him as a WR. Ballard is athletic enough to play TE, but the Dawgs are recruiting him to play defensive tackle.
OFFENSIVE LINE - Need 5+, Committed 3+
On Campus: No matter how you look at it, the Bulldogs desperately need offensive linemen. Of the 13 currently on campus, over half are upperclassmen with all but one of the rest freshmen. Currently the team has thee players committed at the position, but with Justin Anderson (going to Hargrave), possibly Ben Harden, and who knows where Clifton Geathers will end up (both could also be headed to prep school and many have Geathers penciled in as a defensive lineman), also in the mix, you could say the Dawgs currently have five, possibly six of Geathers plays offensive line, already on board.
Clint Boling6-5/261/4.9Alpharetta, GAGeorgia 100%
Anthony Davis
6-5/341/5.2 Piscataway, NJ list 20%
Trinton Sturdivant
6-4/280/5.1 Wadesboro, NC Georgia 100%
Antwane Greenlee
6-6/302/5.1 Columbus, GA FSU 60%
Chris Little
6-5/342/5 Jeffersonville, GA list 35%
Lamar Milstead
6-5/266/5.2 Washington, D.C. list 30%
Jatavious Jackson6-4/270/- Belle Glade, FL list 10%
Linval Joseph6-6/308/5 Alachua, FL list 10%
Javario Burkes
6-4/311/5.78 Phoenix, AZ list 20%
Kevin Bryant
6-6/380/5.87 Hallandale, FL list 20%
Tanner Strickland
6-4/315/- Nashville, GA Georgia 100%
Emeka Nwankwo 6-3/285/5.34 Hollywood, FL list 25%
C.J. Wood 6-4/275/5.3 Gainesville, GA list 55%
Matt Summers-Gavin
6-5/271/5.1 San Francisco, CA list 20%
T-Bob Hebert
6-3/256/4.95 Norcross, GA list 35%
Recruiting Outlook as of today: Offensive line is a priority for Georgia this year and they have already picked up three big commitments at this position. We expect them to sign 5-6 OL's and it looks like they have the best shot at Wood and Greenlee right now.
DEFENSIVE TACKLE - Need 2+, Committed 0+
On Campus: The situation at this position might look a little more dire on paper than it actually is providing the Bulldogs can reel in two or three payers to keep the pipeline full. Three of the eight defensive tackles will be gone after the 2006 season, but with four underclassmen on the roster, things should be fine if the coaching staff can keep a steady trickle of the players from year to year. As mentioned above, Geathers could just as easily play defensive tackle for the Bulldogs though he is listed as an offensive lineman.
Torrey Davis
6-5/290/- Seffner, FL list 10%
John Brown
6-2/285/- Lakeland, FL list 10%
Cameron Heyward
6-5/264/5.17 Suwanee, GA list 50%
Antonio Jeremiah
6-4/280/5.05 Hilliard, OH list 10%
Tydreke Powell
6-3/298/4.9 Ahoskie, NC list 15%
Donte'e Nicholls 6-2/270/4.9 Pompano Beach, FL list 10%
Logan Walls 6-2/272/5.16 Dawsonville, GA list 50%
Recruiting Outlook as of today: Walls and Heyward look to be the guys that Georgia has the best chance to sign right now. Stafford could also move inside and UGA has a real shot at him as well. We expect UGA to sign 2-3 DT's in this class.
DEFENSIVE END - Need 3+, Committed 2
On Campus: The defensive end position is very similar to the defensive tackle spots in that there are four freshmen and a sophomore currently on the roster. While the team could probably get away with just two for next year, it is a good year in recruiting for the position and the will likely take advantage of this and grab as many as they can.
Cliff Matthews
6-4/223/4.7 Cheraw, SC list 60%
Neland Ball
6-6/216/4.8 Jackson, GA list 65%
Conrad Obi
6-4/240/4.7 Loganville, GA Georgia 100%
Rae Sykes
6-4/240/4.7 Alcoa, TN list 15%
Justin Houston 6-3/228/4.7 Statesboro, GA Georgia 100%
John Jones 6-3/210/4.61 Sarasota, FL list 50%
Allen Bailey
6-4/255/4.95 Darien, GA list 50%
Devon Still
6-6/251/4.9 Wilmington, DE list 10%
D.J. Stafford
6-3/263/4.7 LaGrange, GA list 50%
Recruiting Outlook as of today: Georgia has already picked up a couple commitments at this position and we expect them to pursue a couple more. Right now, it looks like UGA is in the best shape with Ball and Matthews at DE. Georgia is recruiting Bailey as a LB and Stafford as a DL that could line up inside or out.
LINEBACKER - Need 4, Committed 2
On Campus: One of the first things that recruiting coordinator Rodney Garner said after signing four linebackers in the Class of 2006 was that he wanted to do it again for 2007. Three of the four starters are seniors (we say four because all four have been starters and consistent throughout their careers) leaving seven to take over when they are gone.
Rennie Curran
5-10/202/4.48 Snellville, GA Georgia 100%
Pat Lazear 6-0/229/4.73 Bethesda, MD list 10%
Devonte Campbell
6-1/234/4.73 Forestville, MD list 15%
Carlton Johnson
6-1/184/4.5 Lynn Haven, FL list 30%
Maurice Harris 6-0/189/4.51 Homestead, FL list 10%
Brian Rolle 5-10/202/4.47 Immokalee, FL list 10%
Charles White 5-11/209/4.74 Blythewood, SC Georgia 100%
Recruiting Outlook as of today: We expect UGA to sign 3-4 linebackers this year and they already have 2 in the fold. Curran and White have already told Coach Richt that they are coming and we think the Dawgs have the best shot with two guys that are more of athletes, Donley (listed as WR) and Jones (listed as a DE).
DEFENSIVE BACK - Need 2+, Committed 1
On Campus: With 10 underclassmen defensive backs players currently on the roster and only one senior, neither the cornerback of safety spots are positions of particular need for the Class of 2007. Still, grabbing a couple at one spot and one at the other is always a good idea to keep the pipeline full.
Eric Berry
5-11/194/4.33 Fairburn, GA list 50%
Major Wright
6-1/200/4.5 Fort Lauderdale, FL list 30%
Marcus Gilchrist
5-11/175/4.45 High Point , NC list 50%
Lorenzo Edwards
6-2/220/4.71 Orlando, FL list 25%
Alphonso Bruton 6-2/198/4.55 Miami, FL list 20%
Marty Carr 6-2/185/4.4 Orlando, FL list 35%
John Knox 6-2/191/4.5 Statesboro, GA Georgia 100%
C.J. Fleming 5-10/165/4.48 Highland Springs, VA list 15%
Eain Smith 5-11/177/4.56 Hollywood, FL list 25%
Cris Hill 5-11/166/4.4 Highland Springs, VA list 20%
Recruiting Outlook as of today: It looks like UGA could take 2-3 DB's in this class. So many of these guys listed as DB's could play other positions. Right now, UGA has a commit from Knox as a safety, but he could also play linebacker. UGA has a good chance with Berry, but he could also play WR. Edwards could play linebacker as well. Georgia may have the best chance with Gilchrist and Berry as of today.
ATHLETE - Need 1, Committed 0
On Campus: In most cases, prospects listed as "athletes" end up playing defensive back in college, but, as stated, receivers are a priority over the secondary for the Class of 2007.
Morgan Burnett
6-1/182/4.56 College Park, GA list 60%
Joe Haden
5-10/189/4.46 Fort Washington, MD list 15%
Greg Little
6-2/214/4.5 Durham, NC list 10%
Doug Wiggins
5-11/180/4.5 Miami, FL list 45%
Joseph Hills 6-4/213/- Brandenton, FL list 10%
Recruiting Outlook as of today: All of these guys are great athletes and it looks like Georgia has the best shot at Burnett and Wiggins right now. Little looks to headed to Notre Dame and Georgia is on the outside looking in right now on Haden and Hills.

Steve Patterson and Chad Simmons contributed to this feature

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