1st 10 with Brian Poole

Few letter of intent faxes were more suspenseful on signing day than that of Rivals100 cornerback Brian Poole.
He had been committed to Florida for nearly seven months, but still there were rumors that he could make a switch to Notre Dame at any time. As Poole prepares to begin his career as a Gator, Inside the Gators catches up with him to see how true those rumors really were, what his expectations are for 2012 and much more.
ITG: Just to start off, can you tell me about how you came to your decision to be a Gator and what the recruiting process was like for you?
Poole: "My recruiting process as a whole was good. I didn't mind it. It was busy and everything, but I knew I was going to be a Gator since my freshman year. I just knew that's what I wanted to be. There really wasn't no question for me. It was my dream school and there was an opportunity to take, so I took it."
ITG: You're going into a situation where there are going to be a lot of young, talented defensive backs competing for playing time. What are you looking forward to?
Poole: "Really I'm just looking forward to competing and hoping that I come out on top."
ITG: Are there any specific future teammates you're looking forward to playing with?
Poole: "Me and Marcus Roberson have a pretty good relationship. We're pretty cool. I like his game. He's an awesome cornerback."
ITG: You took part in the Under Armour All-America Game and got a chance to learn from some well-known former NFL coaches and players like Herm Edwards. What was that like?
Poole: "It was actually awesome. I think I really did well. I got some good experience there."
ITG: Herm Edwards said a lot of good things about you after the game and mentioned you could contribute right away as a nickelback in college football.
Poole: "It felt good. It was coming from someone who knows his stuff, and he noticed my talent and everything."
ITG: There were all kinds of rumors circulating late in the recruiting cycle that you may decommit and go to Notre Dame. What was that all about?
Poole: "I really don't know how to explain that. My coaches at Florida pretty much knew I was coming. My parents knew I was coming and all of that."
ITG: So were the rumors overblown by media and fans?
Poole: "Yeah, that's all it was. It's just all part of [recruiting]."
ITG: I know you wore No. 24 in high school do you have a number picked out for Florida yet?
Poole: "Yeah, I'm going to wear No. 24. It's special to me. My favorite player in the NFL wears it and everything. It's special to me. My favorite player is Darrelle Revis. His game kind of reminds me of mine. He's physical, I'm physical. We both know what to do when the ball is in the air."
ITG: UF strength coach Jeff Dillman has had you all on spring workout plans. What has that been like?
Poole: "They're intense. They're tough. It's like cranked up a lot from high school. I've been doing it every day though."
ITG: What are your plans for your first year at Florida?
Poole: "I mean I hope I get a starting job, a starting job in the secondary early. That's my plan. They say it's open, so I hope it is. Pretty much every position in the secondary they say I could have an opportunity to play."
ITG: Is there anything about you that would surprise some people?
Poole: "I'm allergic to chocolate."