1st 10 with Gary Brown

Zlzoyrh85aynmc9jk3bg is continuing its post signing day coverage of the signees in the class of 2009 by going over ten questions with each about the recruiting process as well as what they are currently doing to prepare themselves for their future at the University of Florida.
Up today is Quincey (Fla.) West Gadsden five-star defensive tackle Gary Brown. Looking back, would you change anything about the recruiting process?
Brown: "Um, yes, I wouldn't have picked my school as early. I'm not saying Florida isn't a good school because I'm very satisfied with my choice. I'm happy to be at Florida, but I didn't take full advantage of the recruiting process like the other kids did, and I didn't really realize it until I went down to the Under Armour Game (in Orlando) and they talked about all the visits they went on. And I realized I missed out on that aspect of recruiting." When talking about you on signing day, Urban Meyer said it wasn't an easy battle, it wasn't a done deal, until it was a done deal. How much was Florida State in the running at the end?
Brown: "To tell you the truth, really, I was talking to a lot of their players. You know Greg Reid decommitted (from Florida) and he was my roommate down there (in Orlando). I was talking to them, but it really wasn't as close as everyone thought it was because I knew who I was going to pick (on signing day). It wasn't really a competition.
"I kind of fed into the publicity of Florida State, I thought about FSU some, but I was confident in my choice way before I put the hats on the table (on signing day). I just wanted to make a show.
"When you sign (commit), you still have coaches coming after you. They come even harder. Not trying to brag, but in my situation, they still recruited me hard because they wanted me bad. There wasn't really a time I wanted to decommit (from Florida), but it was interesting to hear what the FSU coaches had to say.
"I was confident in my decision. That's (UF) where I wanted to be." What was your favorite part about the process and what was the worst?
Brown: "What I liked the best was after I committed, having a strong (UF) coaching staff that was committed to seeing me succeed. That's what I liked. That's what impressed me about Florida. When I committed to them, they didn't forget about me. They stayed strong on me making sure I was doing everything right.
"What I didn't like was all the phone calls. I'd get them when I was trying to study or just trying to take a little nap." What do you plan to do between now and reporting to UF?
Brown: "I'm going down on the (June) 23rd. I'm going to kick up my conditioning between now and when I leave." What is the workout plan from UF like?
Brown: "There's a lot of exercises. Really there's a lot of stretching that I wasn't familiar with. I'm stretching muscles that I didn't know I had." What are your first-year goals?
Brown: "I've always been the type player that wants to play right away. I expect nothing less of myself than to come in and play." What is your academic status?
Brown: "Today was my last day of school. I'm out of school after today. Everything's good with me. I've passed everything (FCAT & Standardized test) and I've graduated. I've passed everything. I'm straight." What number will you wear?
Brown: "I'd like to wear #75. That's the number I wear in football and baseball and I'd like to keep it." Do you communicate with any of the other signees?
Brown: "I talk to Andre (Debose) and Kedric (Johnson) every once in a while. We talk about we can't wait to get there (UF)." What's one thing most people don't know about you?
Brown: "People don't know that I'm a momma's boy."