1st 10 with Jonathan Dowling

Before they report to campus in late June, is contacting the remaining 17 signees from the 2010 signing class to get the very latest on what's going on with them by going over ten questions with each about the recruiting process as well as what they are currently doing to prepare themselves for their future at the University of Florida.
Up today is Bradenton (Fla.) Southeast four-star athlete Jonathan Dowling. What was your favorite part about the process and what was the worst?
Jon Dowling: "My favorite part of the process was being like a movie star, when people would be asking you for your autograph, always getting calls, people wanting to hear your voice and stuff. That would be my favorite part. The worst part was probably just the criticism, like with schools and adults. A lot of them don't understand that were only like sixteen or seventeen at the time. It really is hard to make your mind up because it really is such a big decision." Is there one person you credit for your success thus far?
Jon Dowling: "My dad [Albert Dowling]. Just the fact of him being there my whole life and just pushing me and loving me. I want to let him know, he is going to get all my success." How does Florida's coaching staff compare to the other schools that recruited you?
Jon Dowling: "I liked them a lot and they liked the family a lot. They made sure you felt comfortable. They would call you to talk to you, and they didn't really talk about football they just wanted to talk about you. They don't really care about football because they kind of already know that your good at football, otherwise they wouldn't be talking to you in the first place (laughing)." Was Florida and easy choice or were you torn between other schools?
Jon Dowling: "It was an easy choice. There were only two schools that I wanted to go play at in the first place, Florida and Alabama. And just by Florida's environment and games I knew that was where I wanted to play. I just loved that place from the start." Do you have any funny or interesting stories from the recruiting process?
Jon Dowling: "My funniest part was kind of funny and kind of cool for me, it was the first day I ever met Urban Myer. He was at my school and I was actually running late to school. Everyone was rushing me telling me Urban is waiting on you. I'm Jonathan Dowling and I have Urban Myer waiting on me. So I thought that was pretty cool." Have you already received the workout plan from UF? If so, what is it like and how closely have you been able to follow it?
Jon Dowling: "Yes. It seems pretty cool. It really isn't that difficult if you put your mind to it. I have basically been able to follow pretty close to it." What number will you wear?
Jon Dowling: "I want to wear number five but they haven't told me what number I'll get. I'll find out when I get there. I don't know because a lot of other kids I've called said they know their number already. Maybe it's five and it's just a surprise. I want the number five because it's the number I have been wearing for the last four years. But it is what it is, as long as I'm on that field they can give me number ninety-six for all I care." Is there a current gator football player that you are especially looking forward to playing with?
Jon Dowling: "Well it was Joe Haden, but on the team now I'm looking forward to playing with Matt Elam." Is there another college you are especially looking forward to playing against?
Jon Dowling: "I can't wait 'til the Alabama game. It's kind of gonna be like the tie breaker, because each team has won a game in the last two years. I think it is gonna be a much talked about game, especially because both teams will most likely be undefeated going into that game." Name something about you that the Gator Nation would find surprising if they were to find out?
Jon Dowling: "Something that the Gator Nation would be surprised about? Hmm…well they would probably be surprised to know I like to watch Tom and Jerry at one o'clock. Yeah I love Tom and Jerry."
- Though he was recruited as more of an athlete, he will begin his UF career as a free safety.
- He Adrian Coxson, Dominique Easley and Sharrif Floyd will be roommates.
- Dowling was dropped to three-stars on the network mid-season, but returned to four-star, Rivals250 status after a great showing in the Under Armour All-American Game.
- He will major in Television Production/ Broadcasting (School of Journalism and Communications).
- As far as the player he attempts to pattern his game after, Dowling said that would be Baltimore Ravens' safety Ed Reed.