1st 10 with Jordan Reed

Tgvp678z9j2mb1yxuifo is continuing its post signing day coverage of the signees in the class of 2009 by going over ten questions with each about the recruiting process as well as what they are currently doing to prepare themselves for their future at the University of Florida.
Up today is New London (Conn.) dual-threat quarterback Jordan Reed. Looking back, would you change anything about the recruiting process?
Jordan Reed: I would have taken my (official) visits. I would change not visiting all the colleges I could before I made my choice. I went to Boston College and UCONN on unofficial visits.
The only official visit I went on was to Florida. I probably should have went to Penn State, Oregon and maybe Tennessee.
I mean, I'm happy with the choice I made, but the one visit I went on (Florida), it was a good time. I should have went on the rest of them. What was your favorite part about the process and what was the least favorite?
Jordan Reed: The worst part was how stressful it was. I think the only thing I didn't like was worrying about if I was making the right choice. This is the biggest decision I ever made. I was scared if I got it right or not.
I liked visiting the schools to see the campuses and watching the teams practice. That's why I wish I would have went on more (official) visits. You were the only quarterback in this past class. Now, when Tim Tebow graduates after this coming season, that leaves you and John Brantley as the experienced quarterbacks. Did that play a part in your choice?
Jordan Reed: Nah. I didn't care who Florida was recruiting or who they had signed before.
It makes me feel good that I might be able to play earlier, but I'm going to work hard no matter who they have there at my position. When you think of Connecticut, top end high school football isn't exactly the first thing that comes to mind. Most of the time, states such as Florida, California and Texas are thought of as the hot spots for top high school talent. With that being the case, do you feel like you have something to prove?
Jordan Reed: I keep that in the back of mind when I'm working out. I have to show people that talk down (on the talent level in Connecticut) that we have just as good talent up here as anywhere else.
I'm going to do like (Connecticut native and current Gator tight end) Aaron Hernandez. He told me to work hard and everything will work out for me. If it weren't for Florida, where would you have signed?
Jordan Reed: I don't know because I committed early after Florida offered and I didn't get to look at some other schools to see who was in second place. I never thought about it. I'm not ready for that question. Umm, maybe Oregon. What is the workout plan from UF like?
Jordan Reed: It's tough, but my high school coach is a good coach and he had us doing a lot of this stuff already. We work out Monday through Friday on the plan with Wednesday and the weekend off. It isn't that different from what I'm used to doing. How do you spend your time right now?
Jordan Reed: I'm getting in shape, making sure my grades are good and hanging out with my friends.
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Click Here to view this You missed some of your senior season with an injury. Talk about that and your current status?
Jordan Reed: In October, the sixth game I think, I tore some ligaments in my foot. I was out for the whole season after that. It's 100% now. I can run and everything. It's perfect now. What are your first year goals & what number will you wear?
Jordan Reed: My goals are I want to learn the offense, earn the respect of the players, feel comfortable at the university, get good grades in school and hopefully get in the games.
I want to wear #11, but Riley Cooper has it. If that doesn't come open, I'll ask for #16 (note: the number is worn on offense by receiver Carl Moore). What's something about you that would surprise the Gator Nation?
Jordan Reed: I've only played football for four years. I'm still learning things about playing quarterback. There's guys who have played the position for eight or nine years. I haven't done that. I've only played since high school.