1st 10 with Tyler Murphy

Before they report to campus in late June, is contacting the remaining 17 signees from the 2010 signing class to get the very latest on what's going on with them by going over ten questions with each about the recruiting process as well as what they are currently doing to prepare themselves for their future at the University of Florida.
Up today is Wethersfield (Conn.) two-star quarterback Tyler Murphy. How much Gator gear have you bought since the day you pledged to Florida?
Murphy: I've only bought one t-shirt and one hat. Oh, and I bought a tie. It's just the (Gator) colors. I already had a (Florida) hoodie, but it's too small for me now so my mom wears it around. I have family … some cousins that live in Orlando … and they sent up a bunch of hoodies like two years ago. Looking back, would you change anything about the recruiting process?
Murphy:: Um, no. I would say I'm pretty happy with the way things went. I'm happy with where I'm going. I mean, no complaints. It was a little shocking (when Florida offered). It's still kind of shocking now, just to realize I'm getting ready to head out in two weeks. It's kind of hitting me now. It's game time. I'm excited. I'm pumped." What was your favorite part about the recruiting process and what was the least favorite?
Murphy: My favorite part was going on the visit and eating a lot of food. I'm not sure of the name of the place they took us. It was some kind of place with lunch. It was kind of like a sports restaurant. We had shrimp, burgers and steak. It was really good. I think my least favorite part was the traveling. I hate being on planes. What have you been up to lately?
Murphy: I've been doing track. I won the triple jump (at states) and I'm ranked 10th in the country right now. My best jump is 50 feet, 7 inches. (Competing for the Gator track and field team ) is definitely something I would love to do. It just depends on whether I have time with football and if they allow me to. Because you're from a different part of the country, you probably don't know too many of your fellow incoming recruits. Who among them, if any, have you been able to bond with?
Murphy: I've gotten to know (tight end) Michael McFarland a little bit. We hung out together on our official visit and we stayed in touch through Facebook. I met and talked to others on my visit, like Ian Silberman. He was my host. I also talked to Ronald Powell. I got to know them a little bit. Since signing day, what have you been working on the most?
Murphy: My footwork. I've also been lifting, trying to get bigger while keeping the speed. And I'm trying to get faster. (QB coach Scot Loeffler) sent me some of the playbook last week. I was looking through it and was like, "Wow!" There's a lot of writing on it -- a lot of different stuff. Stuff I hadn't seen. I've got to take my time and look it over. What are your first-year goals?
Murphy: Just to come in and start off by getting good grades. I want to start with a high GPA. I want to work hard -- make a strong connection with the coaches and players. And I want to try and help the team get better at practice everyday. What number are you going to wear?
Murphy: I haven't been given a number. I'm hoping to get No. 10. The last time I checked, nobody had it on offense. That's the number I wore in high school. And my favorite player when I was young was (Ohio State) quarterback Troy Smith. He wore it. What's something about you that would surprise the Gator Nation?
Murphy: I do a lot with special education (kids). I want to major in special ed or some kind of teaching. My last period of the day (in high school), instead of going home I work with the kids. I also do Special Olympics. I just enjoy working with them. It makes you look at life different." What one player do you look forward to throwing the football to most?
Murphy: Probably (tight end) Jordan Reed. There's a little Connecticut kind of connection. I think that would be kind of cool.
- Murphy graduates from high school June 22. He will leave for Gainesville at 6 a.m. the next day and will be making the trip South alone.
- Murphy doesn't yet know with whom he'll be rooming. He won't find out until he arrives on campus.
- Murphy vividly remembers exactly when he started liking the Gators. It was while watching the BCS Championship Game on Jan. 8, 2007. Florida beat Ohio State 41-14 and hounded Smith, one of his idols, all night.
- Murphy said he doesn't watch much TV -- other than football, of course. You can typically find him listening to his iPod.