5-star Toliver dominates Florida’s camp

When you're on a field with at least twenty-five to thirty other prospects who are rated four-stars or higher by, it is completely understandable if a player doesn't stand out, much less dominate. However, most players aren't Terrance Toliver. The 6-foot-4, 185-pound receiver might as well of been wearing neon with a spotlight on him as he was definitely the center of attention as he manhandled all who went against him.
As if his offer list isn't proof enough of his status, Toliver showed the world, or at least the small segment watching in the Swamp, that he is indeed one of the best of the best this year.
"I went against some good (defensive) backs that had something to prove and lit them up. I wanted to come to this camp because the talent was going to be good. I thought I had some things to prove."
What could a five-star prospect with his offer list possibly have to prove?
Toliver, an avid reader of, said that he has taken exception to a couple of things he has seen lately on the network.
"I've been reading I'm not that good. There's some stuff on the (national) message forum about me and (Arrelious) Benn, that they think he's better than me. You ask any coach who saw me last night who they think the best receiver is."
The fans in the stands and the coaches on the field weren't the only ones who were impressed. Former NFL All Pro Chris Carter liked what he saw as well.
"He was great," Toliver said of Carter. "It was a great experience to get to talk to him and hear him tell us about life. He said that even if you are the best athlete and you want to make playing football your goal, you better still have a backup plan in place. He helped me with my routes too, but what he said in his speech helped me more. He was real."
Back to As far as Toliver is concerned, it isn't just the fans who he feels need to see the light. In his opinion, Atlanta (Ga.) Westlake quarterback Cameron Newton is one of the best quarterbacks he's seen.
"You (Rivals) have him at three stars. That is about the best quarterback I've seen. He can run and he can throw. He threw me some passes and he has a strong arm. I looked it up to see where he was ranked and I couldn't believe y'all did him like that."
Toliver arrived in Gainesville on Friday, camped last night and then went to the Junior Day today.
He is staying in town Saturday and Sunday night before returning home on Monday.
"Coach Gonzales is going to take me around tomorrow and show me what the school and town are like. I don't know what's going on after we do that. I've been hangin."
When it comes to recruiting he had this to say; "I'm open right now. I've been to Miami, Florida and LSU. I'm looking at Oklahoma, USC, Texas Tech and plenty of other schools."
Although he is no where near ready to name a leader, he did say that Florida has put themselves in a position to get one of his five official visits.
"I want to come back here for a game. I want to see the stadium when it's full next time."
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