A.J. Jones - linebacker shuffle

In the aftermath of Florida's 31-6 loss to Alabama on Saturday, the Gators leadership has been questioned. Players have said that it isn't about one person being the leader, but that each position group has its own leaders. Florida's linebackers look to their seniors Brandon Hicks and A.J. Jones.
On Wednesday, Jones talked about LSU's two-quarterback system, the Tigers running game, fan expectations and more.
On facing a two-quarterback system this Saturday against LSU:

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"They're both decent quarterbacks. You've got to come out and stop the run and the pass, basically the same thing we prepare for every week.
On LSU's running game:
"They go hard. They've got a good running back and a good quarterback and they just go hard every down. We've got to try to keep up with them."
On the lack of production from LSU's offense:
"They're 5 and 0. I guess they find a way to get it done. We just got to play our game."
On frustrations in both teams' fan-bases despite a combined 9-1 record:
"It's funny. It's just that expectations out there are so high to live up to. We just have to keep playing as a team."
On the linebackers shuffling around for the heavy package:
"When we go heavy, I go to Will linebacker. It brings a different aspect to the game. Duke (Lemmens) is obviously a great player, so whatever we can do to put people in the right position to win I'm all for it."