Alligator Alley Forum Rules

Rules of The Insiders Forum
Last updated September. 24, 2007
All comments for and complaints about the moderators and site should be handled
privately (not on the forum). See the FAQ section below for contact information.
Please note
that the moderators no longer have access to
most member email addresses. Therefore, we will not be able to issue warnings and/or
explain why you were blacklisted until you contact us.
The Goal: To provide a positive experience for as many
members as possible. The Alligator Alley Forum will never be perfect nor will it
please everyone, but it can be a fun place -- the place -- for fans to get information and discuss the Gators.
Visiting The Alley should be a positive and enjoyable experience.
How can moderators help? By consistently enforcing the rules, removing inappropriate posts
and blacklisting disruptive members.
How can members help? We simply ask that everyone act like an adult. Don't be
a butt, don't be a troll,
don't be overly negative, and don't attack or
harass other members.
Of course, there are other basic rules that need to be followed (listed below), but we're talking about the average day-to-day discussions that take place on
the forum. Just as important, members can help by starting good
discussions, sharing good info, posting links to interesting articles, helping
other members, alerting us to inappropriate posts, etc.
The Alligator Alley is for discussion of UF sports/recruiting, college
sports/recruiting, and University-related topics. Certain off topic posts are allowed, but please begin those subject lines with the designation OT:
Other topics should be posted
on the other discussion
forums. Specifically...
- Posts about politics, religion and other controversial topics should be posted on The Gator Lounge.
Please don't post a message on another forum and then post a link to it on the Alley.
No profanity, racist or sexist comments. This includes using abbreviations
or changing one letter of a swear word such that the word(s) are still interpreted
by most as profane.
No pornographic or obscene material of any kind. Any user posting
pornographic pictures, or links to such material will be blacklisted. This
includes materials within a signature file or avatar.
No attacking other posters. If you feel the need to harass another
poster, don't do it. What is considered attacking other posters?
Bringing up their name in posts that they did not start or were not
involved in, just to get a reaction from them.
Consistently responding to their posts and responding with no merit
other than to belittle them.
In short, making a poster a target.
In that same vein, there's no need to start new threads about the comings and goings of members on the board.
Do not post unsubstantiated rumors about players, coaches, etc. If
you have a link to a news story, that is one thing. But if you have heard
something 'from a friend of a friend,' this is not the website to post innuendo
and rumor. Those posts will be removed.
No repetitive negative posting. What makes a repetitive post? If
you come to the forum and consistently say the exact same thing about the
exact same topic day in and day out, that is being repetitive. Be sure to
understand that no one is saying that you can not be critical. But this site
will not be overrun by the same people coming on the site day after day saying
the same negative things.
No flaming: If a poster come onto the board with the intent only
to flame, and continues to post nothing but flames or engages in no substantive
discussion, the poster's posts will be deleted and the poster will be banned
at the monitor's discretion.
No attacks on players or coaches. Criticism is allowed, and encouraged
if the shoe fits. But that does NOT mean you have free range to bash or alienate
a player or coach with your comments. If you disagree with how they played
or the effort they put forward, please voice your opinion and state why you
hold that opinion. If it's something you would not say to their faces, then
don't post it.
No attacking recruits: Please refrain from making any negative personal comments about high school students. Just because a player may choose another
school does not give you the right to blast them, in any circumstance. There
will be zero tolerance on this issue.
No posting of commercial offers, competing websites or spamming of the
board will be permitted.: All threads will be deleted at the discretion
of the board monitor.
No posting or or distribution any material that infringes and/or violates
any right of a third party or any law. Post will be deleted and member
can be banned at the monitors discretion. This means no posting of premium
information from other web sites and only limited posting of free information (and include a link back to the source).
Do not give out your personal information on the message board or chat
room. Please keep in mind that whenever you give out personal information
(such as your email, phone number etc.) online --- for example, via message
boards or chat --- that information can be collected and used by people you
don't know. You give out your personal information at your own risk. We are
not responsible for any actions that occur if you give out your personal information.
No fishing. Do not ask fellow posters to post their email address by promising the inside scoop on a situation. Do not post your email address in order for a member to send you information on a subject. This is very disruptive to the board.
No dominating the conversation. Do not dominate the conversation, whether it is a single thread, or the overall conversation on the board for the day. A successful message board community involves give and take. If one poster contributes too much, to the point of disrupting the community, he or she may be banned.
Don't correct some one's spelling or grammar. This isn't a classroom - meaning there is no need for you to feel the need to correct another poster when it comes to their spelling or grammar.
No self promotion! The board doesn't need to be kept apprised of the fact that you are going to post your recruiting rundown, game grades, etc... later on. We don't need to be updated on your comings and/or goings. So please no final farewells are needed. A short introductory post is welcomed, but please don't turn it into a promotion of how great you think you are.
The moderators reserve the right to remove any post and blacklist any member that they feel significantly contributes to a decline in the overall quality and/or civility of the forum.
If you become more trouble than you are worth (aka - the 'mommy didn't show me enough love, now I crave attention' rule). The Alley is in place to afford Florida fans the opportunity to discuss topics related to Gator athletics amongst themselves without rival fans or so called 'trolls' raining on the parade of others at every opportunity. While we love a good debate, if we determine that in our opinion the point of your existence on our forum is to stir up trouble, we are going to blacklist you - plain and simple.
The golden rule is a good one to follow: Do unto others as you would have done
unto you.
To the vast majority of fans who read this site and already function within
this rule set, thank you very much for your adult candor and responsible posting.
- When a subject begins to dominate the forum (when there are dozens of threads about the same thing),
the moderators may start an 'official thread' for that particular subject. Any additional posts about that subject posted
outside of the official thread will be deleted. Having an official thread DOES
NOT mean we want you to stop talking about a subject; it means we don't want
that specific subject to dominate the forum. Please note that we CANNOT merge
- All posts during a game should be in a single game thread.
- Err on
the side of caution. While revising the rules we removed a large portion of the previous rules.
Many of the rules remain the same, but we no longer attempt to list every
example of breaking a rule. If you think your post might be borderline, err on
the side of caution.
- If your post is controversial or goes against the grain, expect to receive negative responses. If you choose to be a lightening rod, then you should expect to get struck by lightening.
- You don't have to
respond to a post you disagree with.
- Don't post when you're angry. It's ok to turn off your computer sometimes.
- Don't click on posts that you know will upset you. Only you have control of your mouse.
- If you don't like what is being discussed on a particular day, please start
some new discussions.
- Heated discussions are to be expected at times, but stay away from getting
- Feel free to ask questions and start discussions, but please read the forum before posting.
- Do not post using ALL CAPS. It is Internet code for YELLING and is seldom appropriate.
- We all have our pet peeves. When you see one of your pet peeves, just ignore
- A very large signature mess up the forum for other users. Please keep your
signature to a reasonable size - meaning, all signatures must be 600 or less pixels in width. Also there is no need to stack 2, 3, 4 or more photos on top of one another. When that happens it causes members to have to scroll down an excessive amount just to read a post (the purpose of the forum is to read posts, not look at someones favorite pictures).
- We would also prefer not to have a link to or promotion of other websites embedded in your signatures. If that happens, your post will be deleted and your signature disabled.
****If your signature is disabled a second time, it will be automatically turned off for a month.****
Why didn't you contact me before I was blacklisted?
purchased Rivals earlier this year. At this time, the moderators do not have access to
most member email addresses. Therefore, we are not be able to issue warnings.
How long will the blacklist last?
It depends on the severity of the offense, whether it's a repeat offense and
the "tone" you use when contacting us.
I've been blacklisted. What is the process to be reinstated?
In most cases, you must contact us before the blacklist will be canceled. You
may contact the moderators by Clicking here to ask for
reinstatement. Please keep in mind that blasting the moderators or threatening
to cancel will not help your cause. If you received an insult, ultimatum or
threat, what would your response be?
If I am blacklisted, is my subscription canceled and will I get a refund?
Only a member can make changes to his subscription, including
cancellation. If you are blacklisted, your subscription is not canceled, and thus you still have access to premium content.
Additionally, does not issue refunds for unused portions of
subscriptions. When you cancel your subscription, you will continue to have
access to premium content until the end of your current subscription term.
How do I contact the moderators?
You may contact the moderators by Clicking here.
I've contacted the moderators. Why haven't I received a reply?
The moderator that deleted your post or blacklisted you may not be online. Or
the moderator may be waiting for you to calm down.
My post was deleted. Why?
Two possibilities. One, your post broke one of the rules or needed to be
deleted for another reason. Two, your post may have been fine but you replied to a post
that was deleted.
My post was deleted but posts worse that mine remain. Why?
We try to keep a close watch on the forum but missing bad posts is inevitable.
Please let us know if you see an inappropriate post.
How do I report an inappropriate post?
You may contact the moderators by Clicking here. Please include a link
to the questionable post.
It's a free country, why can't I say whatever I want on the forums?
Yes, it is a free country, but the forums are
privately owned.